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Author's Chapter Notes:
To understand some parts in this short story you might want to read Weekend Getaway chapter 1 if you haven't already. Thanks and please review if you can.
~*Hectic Morning*~

It was a very hectic morning in the Scofield and Burrows household. Michael and Sara had to leave early for a doctor’s appointment with their OB-GYN, so Linc was given the responsibility of getting the twins ready and drop them off at school.

Linc cursed himself under his breath as he was already running late because he over slept. Running out of his bedroom he ran over to the twins room and frantically turned on their light and moved into the room to wake them up. “Matt, Nic wake up. It’s time to get up and get ready for school.” He leaned over Matt’s bed and then over Nicole’s bed and rubbed their backs. All he got was a groan from each them as Linc tried to wake them up. “Come on guys time to get up, so you can eat breakfast.”

“I don’t want to get up” Nicole whine as she covered her face with her blanket.

“Come on hurry up” Linc said as he ran out of the room and made his way down stairs to make their breakfast. As he entered the kitchen he grabbed to plastic bowl and poured their cereal. Opening the fridge looking for the milk, “Please tell me we have milk” Linc pleaded searching through the fridge.

“Uncle Linc” came Matt’s voice as he stood in the doorway in his pajamas.

Linc let out a sigh as he walked over to his nephew, “Buddy why aren’t you dressed yet?”

“I can’t find my soccer shirt” Matt told him.

Lincoln rolled his eyes and picked up Matt “Come on let see if we can find it” he said as he carried Matt back up the stairs and back to his room. As he entered the room he put Matt down and saw Nicole was still in her bed. “Nicole honey you have to get up” Linc told her then he moved to search through their closet for Matt’s soccer shirt.

“I don’t feel well” Nicole said, she sat up crossed her legs and arms and stuck out her bottom lip.

Moving over to her Linc took a seat on the bed, his hand moved over her forehead to check if she was warm. He smiled at her and said, “Stick you tongue out.” She did, then he said, “Put your tongue in” she did as she was told. “Stick your tongue out and shake it all about”

“Uncle Linc!” Nicole whined, “I don’t want to go to school.”

“Come on school’s fun, here you can where your favorite blue top” he told her as he pulled it out of her drawer.

“What about my shirt?” Matt asked.

“Umm it’s not here buddy I think it’s in the wash. Come on I’m sure we can find something else.”

After finally getting them both dressed for school they made their way to the kitchen. “Okay take a seat, now we’re out of milk so you can’t have cereal. How’s toast sound?”

“But I want fruit loops” Matt said as he sat at the breakfast bar.

“We don’t have milk,” Linc told him.

“Can I have chocolate chip waffles; there in the freezer,” Nicole said

Linc moved over to the freezer and looked for the chocolate chip waffles, “We don’t have any of those either. We have regular?”

“No” Nicole said with a sigh.

“Can I have pizza?” Matt asked.

“Not for breakfast buddy, you’re going to have to have toast.” He opened a bag of bread and put them in the toaster. Glancing at his watch he saw it was 8:30. “Okay we have to hurry so go grab your bag, your mom made your lunches already.

The two ran off and Linc placed their lunch bags on the counter. By the time he turned back around their toast popped. “Matt, Nic your toast is done. What do you want on it?”

“Peanut butter and jelly” Matt said as he ran back in.

Linc pulled a jar of peanut butter and Matt squealed. “Not that one, I don’t like it chunky, mommy gives me the other one. Linc nodded and grabbed the other one and then spread it on his toast.

“Nic honey what do you want on your toast?” he asked her.

“Jam” she told him as she came in with her backpack.

Once both of their toasts were ready he put them in plastic bags, “You’ll have to eat in the car. Now lets go come on,” Linc said leading them out the door.

“Wait my hair” Nicole said.

Damn, Linc thought. He wasn’t any good at this because he never had a daughter or sister. Running to the bathroom he grabbed the hairbrush and a hair elastic. He quickly brushed her reddish brown hair and then put it up in a ponytail. He had seen Sara do it a thousand times but he was still having a difficult time with it. Once he got it he opened the front door and the three of them ran out and towards the car. Handing them their toast once they were buckled in they ate as Linc drove.

As Linc drove he would glance at the twins in the back every so often. At one point when he looked back at them in the rearview mirror he saw Nicole staring at him and she looked upset about something. “Hey Nic honey what’s wrong?” he asked her.

Quickly Nicole looked down at her uneaten toast, “Umm was I a bad girl?” she asked in a small voice.

This question caught him off guard and one he didn’t expect to hear from her. “No honey, what make you think that?” Linc questioned her and her as he continued to drive.

“Tyler says he can’t play with me anymore because his dad said so. He said that I’m bad”

Hearing Nicole’s answer made Linc grip the steering wheel really tight and clench his jaw. He remembered LJ and Sara mentioning that Tyler’s dad was the one who verbally attacked Sara. Now not only did he upset Sara but now he was going after his niece and nephew. “No sweetie you’re not a bad girl, don’t let anyone tell you that you are. You’re a great girl and your brother is a great boy, you two don’t worry about it I’ll find out what’s going on okay?”

Nicole nodded “Okay.”

Parking the car in the school parking lot the three strolled over to the school entrance. Nicole and Matt walked in front of their uncle with their backpacks on their backs. The two skipped into the kindergarten room and over to their cubbies. Slowly Linc walked into the room and over to the twins and where the other kids and parents were. They both gave their uncle and big hug and kiss before going over to say hello to their teacher.

“Your kids are so cute” one of the mothers’ said.

“Yeah well I can’t take too much credit their my brother’s kids.” He turned back and watched his niece and nephew as they said hi to a number of the children.

On their way over Nicole stopped as a little boy and his father entered the classroom. Linc watched closely as Nicole mumbled a quiet hello and then quickly turned away. Linc noticed the look on the father’s face when he saw little Nicole and there was no doubt in Lincoln’s mind that this was Tyler and his dad.

As Tyler’s dad followed his son over to the bench, he seemed to notice Linc standing there. After he heledp his son put away his bag in his cubby he sent him off to go play. With a smirk on his face he walked over to Linc who was standing with a number of other parents.

“Well if it isn’t the man who had the whole country chasing him. No offence but I’d rather not have my kid around you and your crazy freaking family, so why don’t you do everyone in this city or country a favor and leave because we don’t want you here” He said pointing his finger at Lincoln.

The other parents also started to recognize him and some of them backed away from him. Linc just glared at the man in front of him, there was no doubt in his mind now that this was the guy who went after Sara.

“Yea well you’re quite the piece of work as well, picking on a pregnant woman.” This got the other parents attention, especially the mothers. There were about five other women in the in the room and who were now giving Tyler’s dad a dirty look of disgust. “You had no right to verbally attack her the way you did, you’re the jerk” Lincoln growled at the man.

“Hey I don’t want my kid around your kind,” He snapped back.

“My kind? You mean someone framed by the president of the United States for killing her brother so she could hide all her secrets? The kind whose family will do everything to protect and save their family? The kind of people who help bring down and end a very powerful organization in our government as to make sure they don’t ruin someone else’s family? Is that what you mean by my kind?” Linc said raising his voice but not loud enough as to disturb the children who were on the other side of the classroom with their teacher.

At this point a lot of the other parent where on Linc’s side of the argument especially the other mothers. Tyler’s dad was now speechless, as he couldn’t think of a clever and rude remark to throw back at him.

So Linc continued to growl and point his finger at him, “How dare you yell at my sister in-law the way you did. Telling her we should all be locked up and that her unborn child was a con in the making!”

“Oh my god, you jerk.” One of the mother’s yelled at Tyler’s dad.

“You’re a piece of work man, how dare you talk to a pregnant women or any women for that matter” another one of the father’s said to him.

Linc was glad that the other parents seem to agree with him and whether they liked him or not they didn’t like that he yelled at a pregnant woman. “Now if you ever come near my sister in law or talk to her again I swear it will be the last thing you do. You do or say anything to her again I will show you just how far I will go to protect my family. Also I suggest you stay away from my niece and nephew too.”

Lincoln then left a very shock and speechless looking man in front of him as he headed for the door. Before leaving he waved to the twins and then walked out of the classroom. All the other parents also gave Tyler's dad looks of disgust and left they classroom, Linc walked over to his car and then heard a couple of the mothers called out to him. Linc turned around to see then jogging towards him.

“Mr. Burrow’s I just want to say I’m sorry for what happened to your sister in-law. To be honest we haven’t exactly talk to her, it was more like polite hellos and goodbyes really. She seems like a very nice person and has always seemed so good with her kids, she didn’t deserve what happen to her and we hope she’s okay.” One of the ladies said while the other nodded.

“Thank you” Linc said to them. “Sara’s doing fine now, and I’ll be sure to tell her you two were concerned.” He smiled at the two women and then opened his car door and hopped inside. As he drove off he glance at down to see the time and saw it was now 9:45 and he was exhausted. He had no idea how Sara manages to do this on a regular bases and get herself to the clinic before 9:30 am.

~The End~