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Sara almost bounced into the room, a huge smile plastered across her face. Jess glanced up, she was having another contraction, but she almost laughed when she saw her sister in law.

“He just called, he’ll be here in ten minutes.”

She sat down on the edge of the bed, and grabbed Jess’ hand, helping her breath through the contractions.

A moment later, Jess collapsed against the bed, drawing in a deep breath. “Is he really?”

Sara nodded. “Yes, he said he’s only ten minutes away, I think he was also calculating the amount of time it would take to find a car park and make his way up here, or something along those lines.”

Jess nodded slightly, absolutely relieved that her husband was just minutes away, because at the rate things were going, she was just minutes away from giving birth.

They were supposed to take her up to the delivery suite, but that had been delayed for several minutes, but not because there was anything wrong with Jess and the baby.

A few minutes later the nurse came in, informing Jess that she was going to check on her progress.

Sara gave her hand a squeeze and a smile and then left the room.

Stepping out into the hall, she saw Michael and Lincoln sitting in the waiting room.

“Where did LJ and Stuart go?”

Lincoln pointed down the corridor. “Coffee.”

She sat down in the seat next to her husband and reached out, placing her hand on his knee. “Well it looks like she’ll be taken up to the delivery suite soon.”

Michael glanced up at her. “I thought they had already done that?”

Sara shook her head. “No, there were a couple of problems.”

“What?” Michael and Lincoln said in unison.

Sara held her hand up. “No, there’s nothing wrong with Jess or the baby, sorry, I’m not sure exactly what happened, but they’re fine.”

“Well gees you could have started with that.” Lincoln answered.

“I’m sorry, but everything really is fine, and there should be a baby in a few hours.”

“You really think so?”

The three of them looked up to see Paul standing there. He looked exhausted, and Sara stood up, walking over to him and hugged him. “Everything is fine.”

“Where is she?”

Sara grabbed his arm and lead him down the hall to Jess’ room.

Paul pushed the door open and stepped into the room. When Jess saw him, she fell back against the pillows and sighed heavily.

“I thought that you weren’t going to make it in time.”

He walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed. “Well you don’t have to worry now, because I did make it.”

The nurse walked around the bed and reached out, quickly patting Jess on the arm. “its time to take you up to the delivery suite.”

Jess nodded, all to eager to finally have this baby. “Sandra, this is my husband Paul, he’ll be in the room with me.”

Sandra nodded and smiled at Paul. And just a few minutes later, Jess was being taken up to the delivery suite.


Sara leant back in the seat, it had been an hour now since Jess had been taken upstairs, and they were still waiting on news.

She placed her coffee cup on the arm of the chair and ran her hand through her hair.

It was after 3am now and they were all exhausted. LJ had fallen asleep on the chair across from them, and Michael was leaning to one side, Sara was sure that he was asleep despite how uncomfortable he looked.

Down the hall, she saw Lincoln and Stuart standing near the double doors, they were discussing something, but she had no idea what.

Well that was until Lincoln raised his voice, loud enough for the entire hospital to hear, and then Sara knew exactly what they were now arguing about.

Standing up, she made her way down to them.

“I’m sure that by now, you’re aware that everyone can hear you.”

They both turned to look at her, arms folded across their chests.


“OK, you two have been arguing about this for weeks now.” She pointed out. “You really need to sort it out.”

“We’ve got it under control.”

She raised her eyebrow at Lincoln. “Really. It sure sounds like it.”

“Its fine.” Stuart added.

This time Sara folded her arms across her chest and stared back at them. “I don’t believe you.”

Lincoln sighed heavily and leant back against the wall. “Sara, its not a big deal and we weren’t arguing about it.”

She looked up at him, and then smiled, shaking her head. “You two are unbelievable you know that.”

“You know I blame LJ for this, he was the one who started it.”

“By making a joke about changing names.” Sara laughed. “But it is a big deal Linc, and you two have been going on about it for weeks, make that months. You need to decide already.”

“We have not been going on about it for that long.” Lincoln shot back.

“Ok fine.” Stuart announced. “That’s it I’ve decided.”

They both looked up at him.

“What have you decided?” Sara asked.

“Lorelei is my daughter as well.” He said.

“OK.” Lincoln replied, and then nodded. “Yes she is.”

“And it would be kind of nice to have the same name as my daughter, so when we get married, I’m adding Burrows.”

“You don’t have to do that.” Lincoln told him.

“I don’t have to, or you don’t me too.”

Lincoln threw his arms up in the air. “And here we go again. That’s not what I meant.”

“Burrows-Tyler just doesn’t have the same ring as Tyler-Burrows.” Stuart pointed out.

Sara shook her head again and couldn’t help the smile that played across her lips. “You know what, I am so so grateful that I know you two, I really am.” She placed her hand on Lincoln’s arm and leant in, kissing him on the cheek, then repeated the action with Stuart.

Then they watched her walk back down to the seats before they turned to look at each other again.

“OK, so can we just agree on this already.” Stuart sighed.

Lincoln nodded and stood up, taking a step forward. “Ok, fine, we’re agreeing on this, its decided.”

“Thank you.” Stuart reached out and grabbed his boyfriends hand. “Have we really decided?”

Lincoln shook his head and rolled his eyes. “Yes we’ve decided.”

“Oh my god.”

They both turned to look at where Sara and now LJ and Michael were standing. Paul was there with them too.

“What are you oh my goding at?” Lincoln wanted to know.

“Jess had the baby, about 15 minutes ago.”


“A boy, just over 7 pounds.”

“A boy.” Sara repeated. “Ok, is anyone seeing a pattern here?”

“Well at least none of you have to worry about having a teenage girl coming home telling you that she’s knocked up.” Lincoln pointed out.

“So does baby boy Kellerman have a first name?” Stuart asked.

Paul nodded back. “He does, Riley James. You’ll be able to see them soon, they’re being brought down to the room now.”

“That’s a perfect name Paul.” Sara said, stepping forward, hugging her friend. “You’re gonna be a great Dad, trust me on that.”


“So, what happened, everything went well?”

As soon as Sara opened the door, Nika was there with questions about the newest baby in the family.

“Boy, a little over 7 pounds, called Riley James.” She explained. “And he’s beautiful. She only wants to stay there for tonight, so she’ll be home tomorrow.”

“Where are the others?” Nika asked.

Sara turned to look at the door. “They’ll be here in a minute.”

“I can’t believe that there’s going to be another baby around.”

Sara looked back at Nika. “Are you having ideas about a second?”

Nika shrugged her shoulders. “One day, definitely. Liam isn’t even 2 yet.”

“You’ve got plenty of time for more kids Nika.” Sara told her. “You’ve got your whole life ahead of you.”