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Jane shook her head as the two walked along the side of the room. She still couldn’t believe everything that had happened in the years since she had last seen him.

“I would never have guessed this Linc.”

He shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah well, can’t say that I was expecting it myself. I mean I knew that I was gay, that wasn’t a shock, but with him, we’ve been together for so long, would be weird if he wasn’t here.”

“Well I’m happy for you Lincoln. You deserve it.” She shifted her folder from one hand to the other while they kept walking. “How long has it been?”

 “Uh it’s been nearly five years.” He told her.     

“So what took you so long to get to this point?”

He turned to look at her. “Are you kidding me? It hasn’t really stopped, it’s just been one thing after another. Chance Woods, moving away from Chicago, my son becoming a father, me becoming a father again.  I don’t know that we’ve ever really had a chance to just sit back and breathe.”

“Well maybe that will change now.” She pointed out. “Who knows right.”

They made their way to the front where Aldo, Christopher and Michael were standing.

“So do we know much longer it’s going to be?” Christopher inquired.

“Why, you want to get out of here as quickly as possible, run away from the gay wedding?” Lincoln looked over at him and smiled, Christopher simply shook his head.

“You sure you really want to be a part of this family?” Aldo asked, patting Christopher on the back.

“I’m sure that there is nothing that I can do about that now. Wild dogs couldn’t drag my son from Lincoln.”

“I think wild dogs have tried. No wait that was Gretch.” Lincoln said with a laugh.

“Screw you Burrows, I heard that.”

Gretchen walked up behind them and punched Lincoln on the arm, he shook his head and rubbed his shoulder where she hit him.

“Stuart will be ready in a minute.”

“Clothing crises.” Lincoln chuckled.

“Actually yes, but Jess’ not his.”


“Ok, how did this even happen?”

“I don’t know.” Jess answered. She spun around, trying to see where her dress had ripped, while Sara and Nika were trying to hold her still to fix it.

“Did you bring another one with you?”

Jess glanced down at her and shook her head. “No, because I never anticipated ripping my dress in half.”

“So what are we going to do about this?” Nika asked.

Sara drew in a deep breath. “Ok, step back.”

She partially stood up and grabbed the hem of the dress and ripped it all the way around.

“Oh my god, what are you doing?”

She stood up and held the fabric in her hand, “Ok, so it might be a little shorter than you wanted, but it looks alright.”

The dress which had sat at calf length just moments ago, was now sitting just above her knees.

They all turned to look at her, and she shrugged her shoulders. “I know it’s not perfect, but what other option do we have?”

“How’s it going in here?”

Lincoln pushed open the door and stepped into the room. He saw Jess standing on a stool, while Sara and Nika stood around her, Stuart was leaning against the doorway on the other side of the room, a frustrated, confused look etched across his face.


He glanced over at Lincoln and shook his head. “Apparently and there is no need for any smartass remarks thank you very much.”

“Take all the fun out of it why don’t you.”

“Ok, its fine, I’m fine as is.” Jess announced. “Let’s get you two married.”

The group made their way back out into the main hall, where Jane was waiting for them. Aldo, Christopher and Gretchen were trying to wrangle the kids together and eventually got them settled in the seats.

Lincoln and Stuart had written their own vows, and the others knew that they would be far from traditional, and they couldn’t have gone further from that if they tried. Then again it wouldn’t have been the same if they didn’t act exactly like themselves.

“When I first met you, I think I might have strongly disliked you, you were stubborn and annoying but that all changed when you threw yourself at me in the living room that day.” Stuart said, a huge grin playing at the corners of his mouth.

“I’m sorry but I have to interrupt you there, it was you who did the throwing.” Lincoln answered.

Stuart shrugged his shoulders and glanced over to where his father sat and laughed at the expression on the man’s face. “Ok, well however it happened, right then I knew that I was in trouble, because you’re crazy. But those crazy things that have happened, well I wouldn’t change them for anything. Throwing myself at you, gave me this life, it gave me Lorelei and it gave me you.”

The two shared a coy smile before continuing with their less than traditional vows.

“You drive me crazy most of the time, but you also know how to make me laugh, whether that’s with you or at you.” He smiled at him again. “But, when I see you with our daughter, I know it’s all been worth it. So, you make me crazy, but I love you for it.”

Michael who stood next to his brother, handed over the rings, and they repeated a short verse from Jane before placing the rings on each other’s hands.

When Jane announced that they were now married, LJ leapt up and shoved the camera right in their faces.

 “Was that necessary?” Lincoln glared at his son.

“Well we do need to capture the moment.” He grinned back.

Shaking his head he turned his attention back to Stuart. “So it’s Mr. Tyler-Burrows now right?”

Stuart smiled back at him and nodded. “Yeah, it definitely has a ring to it.”

Lincoln shook his head and leant forward, capturing Stuart’s mouth with his.

“You know what, I think that we should just leave now.” Lincoln grinned at him.

“Yeah, I bet that you do but your plans are gonna have to wait.” He answered.

They turned to face the others, were Sara and Michael were waiting to hug them.

“Congratulations Linc.” Sara whispered to him as he pulled her into an embrace. “You deserve this.”

“Thank you Sara.”

Lincoln turned back to his husband and slipped his arm around his waist and pulled him closer, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

As the others made their way towards the door to head to the restaurant, Stuart reached out and grabbed Lincoln’s hand, pulling him back to him.

“I love you, you know that right.”

“I figured as much.” Lincoln replied. “You know with the getting married.”

He caught his husband’s mouth with his own, his hands cupping his cheeks.

“OK, well maybe I should have put it this way. I’m in love with you, crazily, cos that seems to be our word of the day, but it’s true, and I can’t wait until the moment we can leave that stupid restaurant and get the hell out of here.”

“See I told you, leaving right now would be a good idea.” Lincoln grinned at him. “But they’re waiting for us, we better go.”

Stuart grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the door, “The sooner we get there, the sooner we can leave.”