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Sara stood at the bottom of the stairs, one moment she had her hands at her sides, the next she had folded them across her chest. She didn’t like this, what they were doing, what she was doing, but she was curious and worried.

For almost 15 minutes now, LJ and Nika had been upstairs, arguing. To begin with, she wasn’t sure what it was about, but it soon became clear and that was when the worrying started.

They were arguing over whether or not LJ should call Lisa’s parents to tell them what happened.

LJ had made it clear that he was going to do this, but she didn’t want him to, she thought that because they had played no role in his life, that they didn’t deserve to be told from him, that it was someone else’s responsibility, and he had come back with there wasn’t anyone else to tell them.

It had been a little over 4 months since Lisa passed away, and that phone call still hadn’t been made. She wondered if they knew, if they had read it in a paper, or if someone else had in fact told them.

She dropped her hands to her sides again and turned to face the front door when she heard someone on the other side of it. A moment later, Michael appeared and he studied her, wondering what she was doing, but he soon got his answer when LJ and Nika’s voices carried down the stairs again.

“How long has that been going on for?” He wanted to know.

“About 15 minutes.” She replied. She stepped up to him and slipped her arm around his waist, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “And I’m worried.”

“Well you shouldn’t be, they started this, they’ll work it out.”

“Do you even know what it is that they’re arguing over?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “No actually I don’t.”

“Its about whether or not LJ should call Lisa’s parents.”

“Right.” he replied. “And the verdict is?”

“He wants to, she doesn’t think it’s a good idea.”

He took her by the hand and lead the way over to the sofa. “Sara, no one else can figure this out, it needs to be up to LJ.”

“Or Lincoln.” She pointed out.

“No, he’s already said that he doesn’t want to get involved with it, that it was also up to LJ, if he really wanted to do this.”

“So in other words, I should stay out of it, say nothing and pretend I heard nothing.”

“I think that might be wise.” He said, leaning over and kissing her on the forehead. “Now where is that son of ours?”

“Asleep, and he will stay that way Michael, if you go in there and wake him up.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” He laughed.




Lincoln sat down on the front step and Stuart did the same a moment later.

“We really need to talk about this.” He said after awhile.

“Talk about what?” Stuart replied.

Lincoln placed his elbows on his knees and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

Stuart nodded slightly, even though Lincoln couldn’t see him doing that. “Yeah sure ok, lets talk about it again.”

Lincoln sat up straight and looked at his boyfriend. “I really can’t let you do this.”

“Linc come on. I really don’t get why you’re arguing about it. I wanna do this, its for the three of us.”

“I just don’t want you to feel like you have to.” he answered.

“I don’t feel like that, did you miss the part where I said I wanted to.” He told him. “You’re my boyfriend Linc, and she’s our daughter, and ok I finally get where you’re going with this, you’re worried that other people are going to think that you’re making me do this?”

Lincoln raised an eyebrow at him. “Don’t be ridiculous. I don’t think that at all. And I could care to the amount of zero about what other people think.”

“OK, so can we just agree on this already. That money is gonna be used for the three of us, because that’s what its for.” He replied.

“Fine, we’re agreeing.”

Stuart stood up and grabbed Lincoln’s hand pulling him up of the step. They walked into the foyer and stood in the arched doorway watching Christopher who was sitting on the sofa, Lorelei asleep in his arms.

“Yeah well that didn’t take long did it.” Stuart chuckled to himself.

They continued to stand there for several minutes until Christopher finally realized that they were there and he stood up.

“I trust that Elizabeth is well.”

“Dad, you know that she is, she was here this morning to force feed you breakfast.”

“Well it was still polite to ask.” He replied.

“No it wasn’t.” Stuart answered. “Dad, if you actually ate all of the food she’s cooked for you over the years, you wouldn’t fit in this house. We were there for 20 minutes, and she tried to give us a week’s worth of food at once.” He patted his stomach and grinned. “I don’t look like this from doing that.”

Christopher stared back at his son. “Stuart, you eat more than anyone else I’ve ever met, and you’ve never had a problem with a little unwanted weight gain, so stop complaining.”

“I’m not complaining, and yeah you’re right, I could have handled it and I would still look stunning.”

Both Christopher and Lincoln rolled their eyes and Lincoln patted him on the back. “I’m sure you would.”

“Dad do you want me to take Lorelei?”

Christopher shook his head and started walking towards the kitchen. “No thank you, I’m perfectly fine.”

Stuart waited until he had left the room, then he turned to Lincoln and laughed. “You do realize that we might never get her back now.”

Lincoln shrugged his shoulders. “I’m good with a little while at least.”

“So what did you have in mind?” Stuart grinned at him.

“Well seeing as you mentioned it.”




“Wait, so you just left her sitting there?”

Sara shook her head. “No I didn’t. I went to check on Caleb and when I came back, she was gone, so she was the one who never said anything to me about going anywhere.”

“And you have no idea where she went?”

Sara shrugged her shoulders. “I wouldn’t have a clue.”

“Oh shit.” Michael said.

“What is it?”

He stood up and started walking towards the kitchen. “You didn’t think to check the garage did you?”

“What are you tal…..” She replied and then raised her hand to her mouth. “You can’t be serious.”

They both walked outside and approached the garage.

“I’m a little afraid to open the door.” he said.

“So don’t.” She told him. “I mean what good is it going to do if we open that door?”

“But we learnt a long time ago, to never leave anyone alone with Gretchen. And Chris is new around here, and doesn’t know her like we do.”

“What are you worried about exactly?” She asked.

“I’m sure that you don’t want to know.”

“Ok, I’m failing to see what the problem is. I actually think it might be good. Maybe if she…”

“No.” he replied, shaking his head. “Bad, bad idea. He has no clue what’s getting into.”

Sara started laughing. “Well if you really want to know, then open the door.”