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Stuart stood next to the crib, staring down at Lorelei, she was asleep and hoped that she would stay that way for at least awhile longer, because the last time she woke up, she screamed bloody murder and he had panicked. He was in the room with Lisa, and she was asleep as well, Lincoln and Michael had gone to find coffee and he wasn’t sure what to do, so he had picked her up, trying to stop her from crying, little good that it did though. He was just glad it didn’t wake Lisa up and he was more than relieved when the nurse came in and brought a bottle with her, after quickly showing him what to do, he sat down in the chair near the window and fed her, thankful that the crying had stopped.

He had been around Liam for the past five months, but still when it came to actually taking care of your own kid, he was pretty much clueless, he hadn’t grown up around babies, he was an only child, and the thought that he was responsible for her, scared the hell out of him.

It must have been 20 minutes later before Lincoln and Michael came back, bringing a coffee for him and he put the baby back into the crib, taking the cup from Lincoln.

“What happened?” Lincoln questioned him, “You look….”

“Freaked out.” Stuart finished for him. “Yeah, pretty much, she wouldn’t stop crying.”

Lincoln stood there grinning at him and then shrugged his shoulders.

“Its not funny.” He shot back.

“Yeah it is, and at least she didn’t spit up on you.”

“That was funny.” Michael said.

“Thanks.” Lincoln glared at him. He turned to look at Lisa who was still asleep. “She didn’t wake up at all?”

Stuart shook his head. “No, not even when Lorelei was screaming her head of. Why do you ask?”

Lincoln shrugged his shoulders again. “I don’t know, I guess I’m just worried that she won’t.”

“She’ll get to see Lorelei.” Michael assured him. “You know that she will.”

“Yeah well she’s been out for almost two days now, so what if she doesn’t.”

No one else said anything, they just stood there, knowing that there was a really strong chance that Lisa wouldn’t wake up, that the one thing she wanted, was to see her daughter, and now it might not happen.


“Are you sure that we got everything?” Stuart asked.

“Yeah, its all here.” Lincoln replied. He put the bag into the car and closed the door. He looked up and nodded at Michael who was parked next to them, and then he watched as Michael pulled out of the parking lot, and then he climbed into the driver’s side.

“You know that we didn’t have to bring her home today, we could have waited.” Stuart told him.

“Yeah, and how long are we supposed to wait?” He answered. “I couldn’t stay there anymore, just standing around, waiting for her to wake up, I fucking well hate hospital’s as it is, couldn’t stand another minute.”

Stuart nodded at him. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“So we take her home, and we’ll bring her back if we have to, if we have to.”

He started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot, wishing that he didn’t have to go back, and then he felt guilty that he hoped he wouldn’t have to.


“They didn’t say anything else, just that we should get down there as soon as possible?” Stuart questioned him.

“That was it.”

“Do you think it means she woke up?” Gretchen asked from the backseat

Lincoln glanced in the rear view mirror and shrugged his shoulders. “Wouldn’t have a clue.”

“It can’t be today.” Stuart said after awhile.

“What can’t be?”

“Lisa, if we get there and its bad news, I just really hope that its not.” he explained.

“Right.” Gretchen said.

“Because Sara and Michael are there now. They can’t both be the same day, its not fair.”

“Kinda fits though right, a birth and a death on the same day.” Gretchen replied.

“No it doesn’t fit.” Stuart shot back. “Because none of us should have to remember that their baby was born the day Lisa died.”


Michael moved a little closer to the bed and took Sara’s hand in his. She was having another contraction, and from his count, they were just a few minutes apart.

He looked up when he heard the door open and saw the Doctor walk in. “I need to check up and see how things are progressing.”

“Caitlin, please tell me its….” Sara said, but paused mid-sentence. A moment later, she continued. “Not going to be long, not sure how much of this I can take.”

Caitlin offered a smile, as little as it actually helped. “Well, your contractions have picked up, you said they were 12 minutes apart when you came in.”

“They’re about 2 ½ minutes now.” Michael told her.

Caitlin nodded. “Ok then, it sounds like things are going well. There might even be a baby tonight.”

“God I hope so.” Sara said, leaning back against the pillows. “What time is it now?”

“Just after 9pm.” Caitlin answered.


Lincoln pulled the car into the parking lot and turned of the engine. He climbed out, waiting for Stuart who was carrying the car seat, Gretchen got out after him and then he locked the doors.

They made their way inside, Lincoln spoke quickly to the nurse who directed them to Lisa’s room, even though they knew where it was.

Lincoln opened the door, expecting the worse, the nurse that he had talked to, hadn’t said anything about what was going on, so when that door opened, he panicked, thinking the worst, he couldn’t help it.

Inside the room, was Lisa’s Doctor, Julia. Lincoln had spent several hours over the past few months talking to her about Lisa’s condition.

She looked up as they walked into the room and she smiled, confusing Lincoln.

“I’m so sorry that I couldn’t give you more detail over the phone.”

“Its ok, what’s going on?” Lincoln wanted to know. He glanced over his shoulder and saw Gretchen walk in, followed by Stuart who pulled the door closed behind him.

“She’s awake, she woke up about 30 minutes ago. She’s still dazed from the pain medication, but she’s awake.”

Lincoln walked closer to the bed and saw that Lisa was in fact awake, she looked pale and incredibly ill, the worst he had seen her yet, but she was awake.

“Hey.” He said, taking her hand in his.


He could barely hear her, but he nodded anyway. “Yeah, I’m here, so is Lorelei.”

“Lorelei? That’s what you called her?”

“Yeah, you like it right?”

She tried to nod, but found it painful to move even an inch. “Its nice.”

“Well when you’re able to, you can see her, maybe even hold her.”

“I’d like that.” She replied.

“Ok, I know that I called you in here, but she’s still in a lot of pain, so..” Julia started to say.

“In other words keep the visit to a minimum.” Stuart finished for her.

“Something like that. And besides, isn’t Sara upstairs, I heard that she came in a little while ago, so I imagine that you lot will be here for hours.”

“Most likely.” Lincoln replied.

They had been in there with her for about 15 minutes before Julia came back in and suggested that it would be a good idea for them to leave for awhile so she could rest.

He squeezed Lisa’s hand. “We’ll be back to see you later, maybe you’ll be alright to hold her then.”

Lisa didn’t say anything, she just looked up at him and after a few minutes, they left the room again.

“Well that visit was to a minimum.” Gretchen said. “Yeah I get it, no need for you to say anything.”

“So upstairs is it?” Lincoln replied and the other two nodded.


They made their way up to the maternity ward, and found a waiting room, then they debated for several minutes over who was going to find out where Sara and Michael were.

“Wait, has anyone called anyone else.” Gretchen said. “You know like your dad, or Jessica.”

“Why?” Lincoln replied. “So they can sit here for hours annoying me.”

“So you’re still not over it.”

“I’m over it, we’ll call them when there’s an actual baby to be seen.”

“Ok.” Gretchen replied. “Has he seen Lorelei yet?”

Lincoln didn’t answer, he decided that he would go and find Michael.

He returned 15 minutes later, and Gretchen couldn’t tell if he was horrified or, well she had no idea.

“Yep, I found them.”

“Ok I have to ask, what the hell is with…” She waved her hand at him. “That look.”

“I got details that I didn’t really want to get.” he explained. “But apparently there’s going to be a baby, any minute now.”

Stuart started laughing. “That will teach you for making fun of me.”

“I promise it won’t happen again, today.”

“Thanks for that.”


Michael stood at the side of the bed and watched as Sara fought the pain, he listened to the doctor, could hear what she was saying and he knew it was close, that it would be just a few more minute until he would meet his son or daughter.

It was that moment that he remembered back to when they first met, in a hospital, and now here they were, waiting for their child to be born. It had been a long crazy few years, and right now he couldn’t argue that he would go through it all again to get to this point. Because right now, he couldn’t argue that it wasn’t worth it.

The flurry of noise in the room brought him back from his thoughts and he looked over just in time to see the Doctor holding his baby. She looked up at him and smiled. “it’s a boy, you have a son.”

And there it was, confirmation that all of it, really was worth it, it just was.


“So, does he have a name, cos you could always call him Stuart.” He grinned at them.

“Yes, that will be happening.” Sara sarcastically replied. “There are still a couple of names that we like, but we can’t decide which one.”

“What are the two names?” Gretchen asked.

“Caleb and Tristan, and we can’t choose which one.” Michael told her.

“Well I’ll help you out. I went to school with a guy called Tristan, he was an asshole.” Gretchen explained.

“Uh ok then.” Michael laughed. He looked over at Sara and smiled.

“Caleb then?” She said, and he nodded.

She glanced down at her 4 hour old son, and stroked his cheek with her finger. Is your name Caleb?”

“Please say yes, because this name thing, is giving me a headache.” Lincoln announced.

“I think it fits.” Michael said.

“So that’s it, just Caleb?” Gretchen wanted to know.

“No, he has a middle name as well, that we had already decided on a long time ago.” Michael answered. “Tyler.”

“Aww you’re gonna make me cry.”

“Oh god.” Lincoln said. “Not again.”

Stuart narrowed his eyes at him and reached out, slapping him on the arm. “I didn’t cry, and I didn‘t mean I was actually going to.”

“Sure you didn’t.”

“What are you talking about?” Michael asked.

“Better not to know.” Lincoln told him. “Trust me.”

“Ok. And in case you were wondering, its for both.” Michael responded.

Lincoln nodded, knowing exactly what he meant, that the name was for both their brother, and for Stuart. “Its nice.” He turned to look at him. “Well it wasn’t Stuart, but it is part of your name, happy now?”

“Ecstatic. No really I am.”

Lincoln shook his head at his boyfriend and punched him on the arm.

“Oh my god.” Michael said, turning to look at Sara, “I didn’t even think about it until now, you know what date it is right.”

She looked up at him. “What are you talking about.”

“The date?” Lincoln said. “What the hell does that mean?”

“7th of March.” He replied.

Sara closed her eyes, a tear rolling down her cheek.

“You’re crying over the date?” Gretchen wanted to know. She waved her hands in front of her. “I’d ask, but you lot are just plain weird, I’m scared to know.”

“My mother’s birthday, just.” Sara explained. “He was born about 12:04am. I was due 2 days ago, but he chose today.” She shifted on the bed, trying to get comfortable. “I almost forgot to ask, how is Lisa, Michael said that she woke up.”

Lincoln nodded back at her. “Yeah, she’s awake, barely.”

“Did she get to see Lorelei?”

“No not yet, she can’t even sit up, guess we’re just going to have to wait.”



“I don’t think that I can hate her anymore.”

Stuart looked up to where Lincoln sat on the end of the bed. “What are you talking about?”

“Lisa, I can’t hate her anymore. I mean that I do, with everything, but its getting less easy to do that, if that makes sense.”

“Not really but sure, I’ll go with that.” Stuart replied.

“Its been almost 2 weeks, and she hasn’t woken up yet, she hasn’t seen Lorelei yet, and I’m starting to think that she never will.”

Stuart shifted on the bed and placed his hand on Lincoln’s arm. “Yeah she will, cos Lisa is about the most stubborn person I’ve ever met.”

“Right. I know that you all think I’m crazy, she was not a mother to LJ, ever, but it doesn’t mean its fair that she not even get to see her daughter. Cos Lorelei never asked for this, she didn‘t.” he leant forward and brought his hands to his face, and Stuart was convinced that he heard Lincoln sob.

He tightened his grip on Linc’s arm, and Lincoln shook his head. “What do I tell her Stuart, what the hell am I going to say when she’s older and wants to know where her mother is.” He looked up at him, tears staining his cheeks. “To know why she doesn’t have one.” He leant forward, resting his head on Stuart’s lap. “What do I tell her.”