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LJ had lain without sleeping. The bed-sheet was wet because of sweat. He had inhaled damp closeness of purple tropical night. There were grey nights in Chicago, and here in Panama the nights were purple. He never would believe, if does not see himself.
The delight from eternal for a long time summer has run low already. Only weariness from never-ending heat had left. This heat did not leave even at night. The heated day sun did not burn down, but hot air did not want to cool down. Night did not bear a cool and calm. It just covered the city with its purple impenetrable curtain.
LJ has risen from a bed. He tried to do that cautiously and silently, not to wake Sofia.
Bed-sheets sparkled with whiteness in darkness of night. And Sofia’s harmonious body on their phon seemed a bronze figurine.
LJ came out into the terrace surrounding their apartment house. There was cigarettes pack hidden under a pot with the semidried up rubber plant. LJ has clicked a lighter. He has let out a smoke ball into the purple emptiness. LJ seemed to himself be more adult being tightened by a cigarette.
Today his father had called. These calls beat out LJ from a track. He was afraid of them, was nervous. The Lincoln-senior had told, that Sarah is live, that Uncle Michael got sick, probably, seriously. The father said each time, that they are close to an outcome, that everything is fast to end. But LJ did not listen to father’s phrases because of excitement. He thought only of that, as though not to tell superfluous, not to blab out, and not to get confused. Though he has already got confused absolutely.
It was strange but Lincoln-senior called more and more on a mobile phone, and found LJ alone. LJ did not know, whether the father had spoke to Sofia. She was silent. And he was afraid to ask. . Lincoln-senior used to send money once a week. Tomorrow LJ have to get to the bank. Each time, receiving father’s money, LJ felt like small and silly boy. He wasn’t independent. He wasn’t real courageous man.
One week ago LJ has got a job in the store, but they paid him real pennies. Any case LJ and Sofia had a quite good budget with the money Lincoln-senior was sending. It was enough for LJ even to invite Sofia to cafe in the evening, or to reduce to night club, and to buy her some knickknack for a gift. LJ thought if he would constantly show her as much he loves her, would constantly indulge her, Sofia will love him more strongly.
LJ could not tell precisely when it has begun. Probably, it had begun in captivity at the Company when he persuaded Sofia not to be afraid of Susan. And his own heart almost gets stopped at this moment because of memoirs that this woman has made with Sarah. But he tried not to show his fear. LJ wished to look courageous in Sofia’s opinion by all means.
Or may be everything has begun in hospital when wounded Sofia has lain on a hospital cot, weak and helpless. Her skin was usually so peach swarty. And now it was such intolerably acyanotic. And this pallor hurt his eyes. And his heart.
LJ was sincerely rejoiced, when Lincoln-senior had taken away Sofia from hospital home, to apartment they rented in Panama-city. Sofia, she is such beautiful, gentle and kind, and she would live now with them. She would be a part of their family, their life. But for some reason looking as father embraces her, LJ felt something earlier unfamiliar hurts in his breast and prevents to breathe. And he suffered the feelings, not finding explanation for them.
Everything has turned over that terrible day when Lincoln-senior has killed Company guy, and has been arrested immediately. LJ and Sofia have come back home from the market together, without father. Sofia was in a hysterics. LJ tried to calm her. He embraced, hugged her, pated her silky hair. And the next second her velvet lips have found his mouth. LJ has suddenly realized his fingers finger her brown nipple. And purple tropical night absorbed them, enveloping viscous passionate moisture.
- Ale Jey! – LJ has heard her voice from a bedroom. Sofia was saying words drawlingly, transforming his name into picturesque tender word. And only two of them knew its meaning.
LJ has made last inhaling. He has thrown out a cigarette in a court yard. He followed having an arch which was described in air by a flying spark. The cigarette has gone out, didn’t reach ground.
LJ has started wandering back in a bedroom. And tropical night was closed behind him its purple curtains.