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The plane ride to San Diego was a very loud and unrelaxing one, especially for Michael and Sara. You are always told to be prepared and plan ahead when taking a 3 month old on a plane. The two had had it all figured out they would arrive at the airport, feed Alexis at 11:00am and then when they board the plan she would be fast asleep for pretty much the whole flight. Yet Michael should have known by now that things don’t always go the way you plan them. Back in Chicago things started off great, Alexis was fed at 11:00am on the dot and it seemed to go down hill from there when their plane was three hours late. This led to Alexis being awake and miserable the whole way there.

“Oh have got to be kidding me!” Linc mumbled as they walk through the airport and were met with silence from Alexis after making good use of lungs on the plane. “Honestly there is no doubt she is your daughter Michael!”

“You had doubts?” Michael asked as he followed behind his brother holding both Nicole and Matt’s hands as they made their way through the airport.

“Well she seem to quiet to be your daughter, I mean when you were a baby mom and I had to wear ear plugs until you were two because you never stopped crying and screaming.

“Why was Lexie crying?” Nicole asked looking up from her dad while walking with him.

Michael turned his head back and saw Sara pushing Alexis in her stroller and softly talking to their baby girl to keep her calm. “How is she?” Michael asked Sara. Sara gave a small chuckle as she shook her head. “After all that screaming she’s exhausted”

“Come on daddy I want to go to the beach!” Matt said excitedly as he tugged on his dad’s hand and leading him to the front exit.

Once they stepped into the warm breeze and if felt so good compared to the freezing cold weather they left back in Chicago. It was the weekend of Lincoln and Hannah’s wedding and gang had made the big trip. Hannah wanted to get married in California where she was from and in the church her parents married in; Linc had no problems with that. The reason they chose to have the wedding in December was due to the sad news that the old church was going to be torn down in the new year, so here they were in San Diego for the wedding.

Linc quickly flagged down a cap and then they all started to pile in. At this moment it was just Lincoln, Michael, Sara and the kids because Hannah had flown in earlier that week to see her parents and LJ would be making it over for the wedding from school. As Michael and Sara had to fuss over Lexie, Linc took the twins and got them all buckled into their seats. They were soon joined by Sara who started to buckle Lexie in her car seat. “So Linc tell me, how did you deal with all Michael’s non stop crying.”

Linc started to let out a nervous laugh and took a quick glance at Michael who was placing the stroller in the trunk of the taxi. Turning back to Sara he smiled, “I ah tried to sell him to the neighbors” Sara couldn’t help but laugh as she pictured a six year old Linc carrying his baby brother door to door to see who wanted to buy him. “Unfortunately I got caught by um… I think her name was Miss Randle she was like ninety years old. She lead me home and explained to my mom what I was up to.”

Sara laughed as she took a seat beside Lexie and caressed her baby girl’s hand with her thumb. “I’m sure your mother was freaking out.” Linc just nodded and gave a little chuckle. When they heard the front passenger side door open they both fell quiet and saw Michael giving them a puzzled look from his seat but never got an answer from Linc or Sara.


Once they arrived to their hotel and started to get settled Linc decided to take the twins for a walk down by the beach while Michael and Sara unpack and cared for Lexie. They had laid her in the center of the queen size bed while they started to unpack the suitcases. Michael’s couldn’t believe that a short weekend trip had then packing two large size suitcases and a medium size handbag. After about twenty minutes Michael heard a quiet whimper come from his baby girl and slowly made his way to the bed and lay down on his side beside her with his head resting on his propped up hand. “Hey what’s wrong baby girl?’ Michael said softly to her and his free hand rubbed her belly.

The three month old looked up at her dad with her big blue eyes and rubbed her small fist over her eyes as she let out a big yawn. She kicked her feet a little and then her tiny hand reached out and grasped Michael’s index finger. Smiling at her he leaned down and kiss her soft forehead and she let out a small squeal as a huge smile played on her face.

“Now she’s in good a spirits,” Sara said as she hung up the last pieces of clothing in the closet and then made her way over to her husband and baby. Kneeling on the bed she sat behind Michael and allowed her right hand to wrapped around him and then lean her head to rest on Michael’s shoulder. With a smile Michael looked over at her and then gave her a tender kiss. With smiles on both their faces they looked down at their baby girl.

“I think she’s going to have brown eyes,” Michael said as his hand brushed over Lexie’s small head.

“Michael you can’t tell until she is at least nine months and even then they can change” Sara told him with a laugh. The two remained silent for a few moments until Sara regrettably pulled when she heard the phone on the side table ring.

As she moved over to answer it Michael remained at his daughter’s side but his eyes followed with Sara as she answered the phone. The conversation didn’t last long and once she hung up Sara let out a sigh. “I have to go and try on my dress make sure it doesn’t need anymore touch ups for tomorrow.”

Moving to a sitting position on the bed Michael reached out for Sara’s hands and pulled her in close, “Doesn’t this bring back memories?” Michael asked as Sara stood between his legs with her hands on his shoulders.

“Yea it does, let just hope Linc doesn’t have a big meltdown like you did the night before”

Michael gave a chuckle and then leaned forwards and placed a tender kiss on Sara’s lips, “No comment” he said to her. Sara let out a giggle and shook her head as she left Michael’s embrace and made her way to the door.

“I’ll be back,” Sara told him as she opened the door.

“And we’ll be here” he called back to her as he reclaimed his old position on his side facing Alexis as he played with his happy three month old and thought back to five years ago when him and Sara were preparing to wed.


It was about 11:00pm, the night before Michael and Sara’s wedding so Linc and Sucre took it upon themselves to give him his bachelor party before the big day. As they entered the bar the three made their way to the counter and took their seat on the barstool.

As soon as they sat down a young pretty brunette with a tight black off the shoulder shirt and tight slim blue jeans made her way towards them. Her stunning cool blue eyes looked straight at Linc and gave him a smile with lots of desire. “So what can I get you guys?”

“Yea can I get three beers and a round of Tequila shots?” Linc said to the hot bartender.

With a nod she turned on her heels and went to prepare their drinks. She soon returned with their drinks and took the chance to closely eye all three of the men as she handed them their drinks. “So what’s the occasion?’ she asked as he eye now took a little more time to check out Michael.

“This guy’s getting hitched tomorrow,” Sucre said with a smile as he slapped Michael on the back.

“Wow so this is your bachelor party,” the bartender said as she leaned forward and showed off her cleavage to the three guys. “What about strippers?”

“No strippers” Michael said firmly as he took a swag of his beer.

“You know for extra I can do some dancing and stripping for ya,” she said in a seductive voice.

Michael let out a chuckle and shook his head, “The drinks fine”

“His ex wife is a stripper,” Linc said.

“Oh well if you change your mind let me know” she said and gave Michael and the guys a wink. “Enjoy your last night as a single man”

Michael nodded his head at the bartender but then as he thought about it her words started to sink in. Tomorrow he would be getting married and from that point on his life would never be the same. Tomorrow he would be taking vows to Sara for the rest of his life. “Oh my god I’m getting married tomorrow” Michael said in a terrifying voice.

“Yea tonight is your last night of a free man” Linc said with a chuckle.

“I’m…I’m getting married”

“Uh oh I think he’s freaking out Linc” Sucre said with an entertaining smile.

“Here man have another drink,” Linc told his little brother while sliding a drink down towards him.

Michael quickly gulped it down and then felt the liquid burn his throat and insides. Placing the empty glass back on the counter Michael rubbed his hands over his forehead. “Oh my god I’m actually getting married, have a really life time marriage.” Reaching for the shot glass he chucked it down. “Do you think I’m ready for this?” he asked looking over at his older brother.

“Look man, you and Sara have been through more then any couple. I know your crazy about her and she about you.” Linc told him.

“I know it’s just growing up I never really saw the point in getting married and all but then I meet Sara and then within a year I decide I want to marry her. I practically changed my point of view after meeting her.”

“Look we never had a normal family life growing up so you assumed married life only led to pain because of mom and dad’s broken marriage. You needed to meet the right person to even consider the idea for you and image the good qualities.”

“Well you better not be getting cold feet man or Sara is going to kick your butt” Sucre told him as he took the last sip of his beer. “So I’ll personally carry you down the isle if I have to for your own safety.”

Michael smiled and nodded his head at his buddy, “Thanks… I think,” They all laughed and Linc called for another round of drinks for them all. The pretty bartender brought it over and then Linc raised his glass. “To a new beginning for Michael and Sara in married life, new beginning”

Michael and Sucre also raised his glass “New Beginnings!” the both said and then clinked their glasses together.


After a quick cab ride Sara arrived at the tailors that Hannah had asked her to meet her. When she entered the shop she moved towards the back and saw Hannah standing in front of three mirrors while wearing her wedding dress.

When she heard Sara enter the room, Hannah turned around with a huge smile on her face as she wore her wedding dress. The white dress was a one-piece, strapless, slim A-line gown with a soft sweetheart neckline and zipper over inner corset closure. Embellished lace appliqués decorate the asymmetrically ruche bodice while opulent Bordeaux Taffeta and inverted side pleats create the A-line skirt.

Sara looked at Hannah and covered mouth as her jaw dropped at the sight of her, “Oh Hannah you look beautiful” Sara told her as she took the few steps to get closer and grasped both her hands as she and observed the gown a little closer.

“It’s a beautiful dress Hannah, we may have to help Linc off the floor once he sees you,” Sara told her friend and future sister in-law.

“Oh thanks you Sara, so much for everything” Hannah told her and then gave her a huge while both tried not to wrinkle the dress. After a moment of gushing over the dress, the tailor walked over to them and handed Sara her maid of honor dress so that she could try it on.

Sara soon came out of the dressing room in the gown and slowly twirled around so Hannah could see. The dress was an espresso color, it was a long chiffon 1 piece dress featured a vertically ruche bust, fitted, corset-style bodice highlighted with seaming, and an A-line skirt with a sweep train.

“You look beautiful Sara” Hannah told her.

Sara couldn’t help but laugh as she viewed herself in the mirror. “I’m just happy you pick something that wasn’t puffy and orange” Sara told her as the tailor got straight to work on making sure Sara’s dress was a perfect fit.

As the women checked out the dresses they heard some shrieks coming from behind them and they stood Hannah’s sister and old high school classmate who were also bridesmaids. In no time they had run towards Hannah and were giving her big hugs at it had been awhile since they had seen each other. The admired the dress and Hannah was happy to show it off. After the girls had calmed down they were introduced to Sara and then the two women disappeared to try on their dresses. The tailor stated tugging at Sara’s dress to decide wear to stitch, Sara’s eyes looked over at Hannah who had a big smile on her face thinking about Linc and their wedding tomorrow.

After trying on the dresses the women got into Hannah’s car and went for lunch at a nice restaurant. As they chatted Sara was able to learn more about Hannah’s childhood as well as about Hannah’s sister and high school friend. After lunch the four women made their way to the to the church for the rehearsal. It was a small church that would probably only fit about a hundred or so people. Making their way inside Sara saw the twins reading books with LJ, as he must have just arrived. Michael and Linc were on the far side of the church and Michael had Lexie securely against his chest and she seemed to be fast asleep. Finally.

She quickly made her way over to her husband and sleeping baby and gave both of them a kiss. “How did it go?” Michael asked as Sara caressed their baby girl’s head.

“Good” she told him. Just then she felt the tug on her jeans and their down by her feet was Matt and Nicole.

“Look what uncle Linc got me mommy?” Matt said excitedly as he held up the small object. “It’s a shark tooth”

“And I got a sea shell!” Nicole told her mother with a squeal as she held it up.

“Wow where did you get those?”

“There was a small scuba shop that was selling them,” Linc told her as he smiled at the twins’ excitement.

“Jeez Linc you couldn’t do it the old fashion way and search for them in the sea” Michael said teasing his brother.

“Yea well why search the ocean for them when someone else has already done it” Linc snapped back with some humor and a smile. “Next time I want you out there to find something that isn’t a rock.”

Michael just shook his head and laughed “your just lazy”

“Says the guy who stayed back at the hotel to sleep” Linc joked as he eyed Michael.

“Some one had to watch Lexie” Michael told him.

“I could have taken her with me” Sara chirped up loving the brothers’ playful banter.

“Hey who’s side are you on” Michael asked her before giving her a kiss on the forehead.

Shaking his Linc walked off to greet his bride and also meet Hannah’s sister again and old friend.

“Hey sweetie” Linc said softly to her as he made his way to give her a kiss. The women beside Hannah couldn’t help but be in aw of Linc and his show of affection for Hannah.

“Hi, so what did you do today?” she asked him.

“I took Nic and Matt to the beach”

“Are they the two children over there?” Hannah’s friend asked. “Sara’s kids right?”

“Yeah Nicole and Matthew, they are adorable and honestly great kids” Hannah said as she gushed about them. “Also over in Michael’s arms is Alexis, we call her Lexie or baby girl for short and she is the most precious thing. Hardly ever cries”

“You weren’t on our flight” Linc told her. As they continued to talk a number of other people entered the church including Hannah’s parent and brother and the Sucre family as well.

The rehearsal had gone well and everyone knew their jobs and what they were suppose to do. The bridesmaids all new what to do as well at Linc’s best man LJ along with his grooms men Michael and Sucre. Nicole was the flower girl and took her job really serious, as did Matt who was the ring bearer. Linc had once again met Hannah’s parent who at first weren’t to happy to find out who their daughter was dating but over the last three years they had really gotten to know Linc and his family and were now very supportive. After the rehearsal they all went out for dinner together and talked about embarrassing stories about both Linc and Hannah. After the dinner the women went to Hannah’s sister’s place and Sara brought the kids along so that they could watch a movie in one of the spare bedrooms and Lexie could sleep. The guys including Hannah’s brother went out to a bar and Linc was really enjoying himself and possibly a little to much because Michael was sure he was going to regret a few of his drinks in the morning.


“Lets go Linc, time to get up!” Michael called out to his brother as he entered his hotel room and turned on all the lights and opened up the drapes to let in the bright California sun the next morning.

“Oh god” Linc groaned as he held his forehead.

“Here take some aspirin,” Michael told him as he placed it on the side table along with a cup of water.

Sitting up Linc took the aspirin without having to been asked twice and swallowed it. “Okay I’m regretting those last shots now” Linc told his brother as he let out another groan. He watched as Michael moved around the room with a grin on his face and shaking his head. “How are you so alive?” Linc asked noticing his brother didn’t seem affected by their late night.

“Linc I have two very active five year olds who have been up since five and I have a three month old so I can go by with two hours of sleep by now” Michael told his brother. “Now get up.”

“Alright, alright I’m up” Linc groan.

“Good, when I get back you better be dressed” Michael told him and then he was out the door.

Linc rolled over and lay back on the bed and felt the comfort and warmth he enjoyed. He was about to fall back asleep when the sound of Michael’s voice could be heard on the other side of the door. “Get up Linc!”

“I’m up” Linc called back as he sat up in bed and inhaled and exhaled heavily.

A couple hours later Linc was standing in front of the mirror putting on his tie when there was a knock on his door and then LJ peaked his head in. “Did your uncle send you to check on me?” Linc asked with a bit of a chuckle.

“No” LJ answer right away and possibly too quickly. “Maybe” LJ added with a grin as he stepped in to the room to see his dad dressed in his tuxedo. “You look good dad”

“Thanks” Linc said as he straight. Looking in the mirror he saw his son standing behind him and he seemed as if something was bothering him. “So I didn’t see Danielle last night I thought you said you wanted to bring her?”

“Ah we’re not together anymore,” LJ told his father as he averted his eyes.

“Oh sorry are you…”

“I’m fine” LJ assured him. “It was a mutual decision”

Linc turned and stared at his son but LJ just smiled letting him know he was okay. After a moment of or so they heard the door open and in walked Michael holding Lexie and also holding Matt’s hand, who was all dressed up.

“Look uncle Linc!” Matt said cheerfully as he showed out his fancy little suit.

“You look very handsome” Linc said to his cute little nephew and couldn’t help but see a lot of a young Michael in him. “So do you know what your job is for the wedding?” Matt nodded with a huge smile on his face.

Michael watched the interaction between uncle and nephew with a smile on his face as he held Alexis. He was also dressed in his tuxedo and had a small towel hanging over his shoulder for where he had Lexie, not wanting her drooling to ruin the tux.

“So how are you doing? Are you already?” Michael asked as he placed his free hand on Linc’s shoulder.

Letting out a sigh, Linc pulled on his tux sleeves and stared in the mirror at his reflection. “You know after Veronica died I never thought I would be in this position,” Linc said with a bit of sorrow. He turned to Michael and gently started to rub Alexis’ back and a smile spread across his face. “Vee and I use to talk about the day we would marry when we were in high school. Things seemed so simple back then.” Linc said and his smile grew bigger when Alexis opened his big blue eyes and looked at him. “Hey there baby girl,” he said in a calm quiet voice to his niece.

Slowly Alexis started to move in her father’s arms and then she let out a big yawn that Linc couldn’t help but give a little chuckle.

“Veronica would be happy that you’re moving on” Michael told him with a straight face. “I mean I think it’s finally the right time for you. After everything with the company you needed time to mourn Veronica properly and I think that might have been why you and Sofia didn’t last because you weren’t over Veronica yet and hadn’t really come to terms with her death.”

“Yeah it didn’t matter what Sofia did I seemed to keep her at arms length.” Linc said.

“Hannah and you have a lot in common, you both lost past love ones. She lost her husband so you were both able to help each other through the hard times. Veronica would be happy for you Linc”

Linc nodded his head and looked back in the mirror at his reflection and gave a big grin. “Alright lets get me married!”

“Are we starting?” Matt asked all excited as him and LJ came back over.

“Yes lets go,” he told Matt and then with a squeal of excitement he ran out of the room followed by the others.


The ceremony had started and Linc was standing up at the altar with the priest and LJ his best man. His fingers nervously twisted together as he watched as the procession was starting. Looking over his shoulder he smiled at LJ, who gave him a reassuring smile back. Both their heads turned to the aisle and watched as Michael came down with Hannah’s sister; Sucre and Hannah’s old high school friend then followed them. Taking a deep breath Linc remained still and forced himself to stop fidgeting. Michael and Sucre made their way over to stand beside LJ and both smiled at Linc. A smile soon spread across his face as he saw his little niece and nephew making their way slowly towards them. Matt was proudly holding the rings and Nicole gracefully leaving a path of flowers all the way down the aisle. Once they got to the front they both smiled at Linc and their dad and then took a seat in the front row with Maricruz who was caring for the kids and was also holing Lexie.

Slowly their heads turned to see Sara making her way down the in her maid of honor gown and holding white roses. Michael caught Sara’s eye and both smiled at the other as they both thought about the how six years ago they were doing the exact same thing.


*Michael’s POV*

Michael remembered how nervous he was that day and everyone was afraid he would collapse during the wedding. His face was pure white as he stood at the front of the altar in front of their friends and family. Sucre stood very close to Michael as his best man doing his best to keep him calm and to mostly catch him if he needed to. As Michael stood still awaiting for Sara to appear in the door way his mind wondered to everything about their lives from this point on. He would have to support them, be there for her make sure they were always safe, he would be responsible for giving Sara the life she deserved after everything they had been through involving Fox River and The Company. He struggled with the idea of making their marriage work and last when he never had that kind of influence. His father took off when before he was born so his parent’s marriage was an example of bad marriage and one he vowed he would never have with Sara. He would never leave her to experience what his mother had. He remembered a few nights when he was young where he could hear his mom crying behind her closed door about whether or not they would be okay.

Rubbing his sweaty palms on his tuxedo pants he heard the music from the piano start to play the wedding march. Looking up, Michael stood up straight and took a deep breath as the moment he had been waiting for had finally come. He then got his first glimpse of Sara and she took his breath away.

*Sara’s POV*

This was it the moment they had been planning for months was finally here. The moment her and Michael would officially be husband and wife. Quickly she looked down at her dress to make sure it was straight and perfect. She had on a One-piece, strapless, A-line gown with corset closure. Royal Crushed Satin drapes across Angel Chiffon gathering into a fluid side drape and accented at the left hip with a sparkling beaded embellishment.

Taking a deep breath she stood beside Lincoln who was going to walk her down the isle. “You ready?” he asked her softly as their arms linked together. Sara’s eyes widened as she realized that this moment was the moment that would change her and Michael’s lives forever. She heard the wedding march begin and with a deep breath they both stepped forward and stared down they isle at Michael who waited there for them.

Their eyes connected and both of them smiled at each other and suddenly all those nerves and questions about the future disappeared from their minds because no matter what came their way they could deal with it together when the time came.


Sara took her spot on the opposite side of the altar from Michael and beside Hannah’s sister. They both smiled at each other thinking about their special day and the amazing years that followed it. Finally it was time and the wedding march started to play, Linc took a deep breath and watched as Hannah came into view. A smiled spread across his face as she made her way towards him with her father.

She looked so beautiful, her blond hair was pulled up and small loose curls fell from her up do so perfectly. She had a huge smile on her face, much like the one Linc did and both had so much love for the other. When she reached the front Linc stepped forwards to meet his blushing bride. With a kiss on the cheek from her father, Hannah then reached out and took Linc’s hand and then her lead her up to the altar. They both stood in front of their family and friends and looked each other while the priest began.

When the time came the priest asked Linc and Hannah to join their right hands as the priest asked Lincoln. “Lincoln do you take Hannah as you’re lawfully wedded wife? Do you vow to love, honor and cherish her in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, for better or worse, in sadness and in joy?”

“I do” Lincoln said with all his heart.

Turning to Hannah the priest asked her. “Hannah do you take Lincoln as you’re lawfully wedded husband? Do you vow to love, honor and cherish him in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, for better or worse, in sadness and in joy?”

With a huge smile on her face Hannah looked into Linc’s eyes and said, “I do.”

They were then asked to get the rings and when they turned back to each other the priest continued. Looking into Hannah’s green eyes Linc repeated the priest’s words.

“Hannah, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity.” Sliding the ring on her finger Hannah had a huge smile on her face.

It was then Hannah’s turn. “Lincoln, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity” As Linc had put the ring on her finger she did the same to him with everyone in the church smiling at the happy couple.

As the priest spoke he finally said the words that Linc had been dying to hear and could hardly wait for the priest to finish talking. “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.”

Lincoln quickly gathered Hannah his arms and allowed his lips to come together with her for the first time as husband and wife. They could hear the applause of their friends and family and when they finally broke the kiss the two smiled at the crowd and made their way up the isle and out of the church symbolizing the start of their new lives together as the wedding bells chimed in the church tower.