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Author's Chapter Notes:
please review because i so have writers block i wrote this at one in the morning i had such bad writers block
James was sitting in the kitchen sorting through old photo albums when he heard the front door open.
A strong, feminine voice carried through the long hallway
"Is anyone home?"
James stoid and ran to the door , he placed his back against the wall and sneaked a look around the corner to where a tall, beautiful woman was standing at the door.

The lady turned around to close the door and he was mesmerised by the gentle swish of her hair as it settled softly against her shoulders, the ends of her dark hair seemingly running along her elegant back, he was amazed by the way the flowery gypsy top swayed gently against her slender arms.When she turned back around she saw him and a gorgeous smile errupted on to her lips and she giggled.and ran towrds him with her arms stretched out to embrace him.
"James, what are you doing hiding from me?"

But when she saw how James looked at her in complete bewilderment she dropped her arms and her smile disappeared and she whispered cautiously.
"James,what's wrong?"
James answered " i lost my memory"
"so you don't remember me?"
"no, who are you?"
"your girlfriend."
Sara was bleeding badly, her wristswere sore from the chains holding her up.
The door opened letting in the light Sara so desperately craved.
A sneering man entered, the same man who hept her locked up in this room for the past two days.
He came over to her she hung her head and the man grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and punched her face.
She sobbed as he said to her
"get used to it".
He then left leaving her in darkness.
And as the blood filled her mouth she thought "James save me"
Chapter End Notes:
this is a good song for the last bit please work also could you tell me who you won't to know about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPKUdoBKVqc