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Author's Chapter Notes:
helllooo?? anyone still out there???? well i do apologize for the rather long wait. i have a good solid excuse for my leave, but i wont go much into that, just that i had a health problem, but all seems well now. so i forced myself to sit in front of this computer and even if i couldn't or wouldn't finish typing it all at once i would type just a little bit everyday.so finally i have finished chapter two. just a bit of a cliff hanger at the end. i hopy for whoever is still out there likes it!

just a small note on the hockey stuff at the end of the chapter: i am a fan of the chicago blackhawks, and with the playoffs starting this week, i just had to incorporate it in my fic somehow haha. plus i am very happy to say my home team, the habs, made it into the playoffs,so im very excited about that so i just had to put a mention of them in my fic as well lol.

so thats it, enjoy :) * * *
Chapter two – Second Chances?

I bolt up in a sitting position, my heart pounding in my chest, and my shirt drenched in sweat. I don’t know where I am, the room is too dark, but I hear movement around me. Freezing I tilt my head, listening in the dark. Is it Sara? Has she come to find me and take me away from this room of darkness? I promised that we’d be together as soon as the fighting stopped, as soon as the laughing man ended it. I scramble out of the bed, eager to find my lost love.

The floor is cold to the touch of my feet, Goosebumps erupting over my skin. I don’t believe in heaven with fluffy clouds and glowing, white robed angels, but I do believe in some sort of afterlife, and I always thought it would be a little more warm and welcoming. I must be stuck in some sort of dark and cold purgatory, just my luck.

‘Sara?’ I whisper as loud as I dare,’ Is that you?’ There’s a rustle of movement again, I can’t pinpoint where it’s coming from. ‘Sara I’m here, I’m coming!’ My breath slightly heaving and loud, I can feel the panic start to take over, my body trembling. ‘Shit!’

Stepping forward in my rising panic I slammed into something hard, what the heck was that!? My vision clears -quite slowly to my frustration- the room lightens and I can see a bunk in front of me, a desk to my left, a sink, a toilet… Hesitating I whip my head to the right, shaking my head slowly, ‘No,’ I mumble, it couldn’t be. Taking a few slow steps forward, the solid bars daring me to touch them, they’re cold and smooth, just like I remember. Looking beyond them I can make out the other cells, grunts and snores coming from the sleeping inmates getting louder and clearer, cutting through my fuzz in my brain.

Again I hear a movement behind me, drawing my attention back to the bunk. I know for sure I’m not alone now. I can only think of one person who could possibly be sleeping on the top bunk. Before I could step forward, he jerks awake very much like I did his ragged breathing loud in the small cell.

‘Maricruz, Mari-‘

Before he could shout out again, potentially awakening the other men, I slap my hand over his mouth, muffling his voice. Pushing against me, startled he tries to yell again. ‘Shhh, it’s me, stop hitting me man!’ I try to keep my hand clamped over his mouth, knowing he would go off on his Spanish rant. ‘Don’t yell okay, and I’ll remove my hand,’ I whisper to him in the semi darkness. After being guaranteed he’ll stay quiet I remove my and almost at once he starts whispering hurriedly.

‘Mike? What the hell? How- I mean I was talking with, what are you doing here? What am I doing here? Where in the heck are we!?’

When he finally pauses for a breath I step in, ‘Sucre buddy, settle down. I’m not sure what just happened,’ Looking around the cell it brings back everything I felt, the fear, anxiety, and the restlessness. Pushing it back I continue, ‘Something… something bad was happening and the next thing I knew I woke up here.’

‘Are we back at Fox River? All of us?’ He asks

‘I don’t know,’ Checking the time I note that it’s almost 7 o’clock a.m. ‘We’ll find out soon enough,’ I tell him.


We sit in silence for the next couple of minutes, silently going over theories, explanations, answers to our questions as to why and how this, this -I don’t even know what to call it- happened. We come up with a few, as crazy as they sound it’s all we can believe in at the moment. Magic, black holes or worm holes. Father time medaling in, a psychotic dream. In another life I’d be laughing at this all, they’re on drugs those crazy bastards. Now I don’t know if I should be thankful or scared shitless.

Soon we’re on our way to breakfast. We stay close together, observing the other inmates, watching their faces. Do they know what happened, are they wondering why they are repeating a day that happened months ago?

‘Fernando,’ I whisper out of the side of my mouth, ‘do you think, the guys, do you think they know?’

‘I don’t know man, I guess we’ll find out,’ He says as Abruzzi strolls over.

‘Michael we have a problem,’ was the first thing out of his mouth. Glancing discreetly at Fernando, I turn to face Abruzzi,’And what’s that John?’ I ask trying to figure out what day it is, and where we were on the escape plan.

‘T-bag. I won’t take the piece of crap along, I won’t do it.’

Sliding my tray along, I follow the men in front of me as we collect our breakfast, mulling over what he said. T-bag was on the team, and quite recently by the sound of it, therefore I can presume that it’s just after the riot. Then that means we’re in the process of getting into the guards break room.

‘Michael, Michael did you hear me? We need to figure out what to do to eliminate him. Just say the word Michael, I’ll get it done,’ John continued, stopping my thoughts. I glance over my shoulder,’ Just let me think. I’ll get back to you on that.’ I grab my tray and head over to an empty table by the back, with Fernando trailing behind. Giving me a moment to get my thoughts together in silence, he digs into his breakfast. Prison food. That’s one thing I didn’t miss.

‘Alright, so we know we’re post riot. John doesn’t seem to remember, neither do the other guys. T-bag would have been on us in seconds,’ I begin, my eyes on the rapist sitting with his goons across the room.

‘Let’s hope it stays that way,’ He replies. I nod in agreement,’ I wonder if Linc remembers…or Sara,’ I nearly whisper.

Fernando looks up from his food, his eyes both shinning with sympathy and curiosity,’ You never did tell me what happened.’ I keep my eyes on my tray, thinking back on that horrible day. It makes me sick to my stomach.

‘A lot of bad things,’ I finally choke out.

We finish the rest of our breakfast in silence.

Later, when we’re on our way for yard time, my thoughts return, leaving me both anxious and eager. Stepping into the fenced in area I take a moment to breath. The fresh air feels good in lungs, the sun warm on my face. It feels nice to be outside and not stuck inside the stuffy prison. Sucre is standing by my side, wearily scanning the yard. Looking around too I see so many people who are supposed to be dead. A few makes me pause, but I stop at one. Westmoreland is sitting alone, holding his beloved cat to his chest, stroking her silky fur. Seeing him alive fills my heart with joy. Maybe, this time, he’ll get the chance to say goodbye to his daughter. As much as I want to talk to him, I need to talk to Linc first.

I turn back to Sucre, realizing he’s been talking to me. He’s seen Linc come out for his yard time. I eagerly look over wanting to see him alive and breathing, to replace the image of him lifeless on the cold wet ground. He’s there staring back at us, his hands clutching the wire fence. When he sees he has our attention he stands straighter, motioning for us to come over.

At once I’m walking towards him, but it’s taking too long, I need to speak with him now. Breaking into a run I bypass the other cons, Sucre not far behind me. I finally Linc but before I get a chance to even open my mouth he’s already talking.

‘Michael, my god Michael, I need to tell you something, I’ve had the weirdest dream, it was so real but so horrible, you were there and- and L.J, even Dr. Tancredi- ‘He pauses abruptly, taking a deep breath. I could see he was getting upset so I interject, though telling him all of it was real isn’t going to make him feel any better.

‘Linc calm down, just calm down just a second, that’s right deep breaths,’ I have no idea why I’m bothering to calm him down; he’s just going to freak out all over again. Maybe I’m trying to calm myself down as well. Lincoln believes in keeping faith, miracles even. He may even believe in second chances, but given chances by jumping back in time? That’s a whole new level of craziness.

‘Linc listen carefully to me, I don’t how else to put this so I’m just going to come out and say it. Everything you think you dreamed, it was real,’ I say the truth bluntly; there’s no point in sugar coating it, that will only make it seem more unreal. I watch his face wearily, waiting for a reaction. Sucre is standing still as well beside me, both of us holding our breaths as if we we’re waiting for something to explode. His face is contorting between amusement and confusion. Finally he chooses to burst into a fit of laughter.

‘You’re fucking with me aren’t you?’ He manages to say despite still trembling with laughter, ‘Besides you don’t even know what my dream was about.’

‘It’s true Linc you have to believe me, the breakout, Sona, Scylla...mom. It all happened. Tell him Fernando, ‘ I urge, hoping he can help me convince Lincoln.

‘We’re telling the truth Linc. You’re not crazy, we’re not crazy. I held my daughter in my arms, that was real.’ He’s close to tears, understandably so, and I lay my hand on his shoulder in comfort.

Lincoln narrows his eyes at us,’ How the hell could that all have happened if we’re still in this shithole?!’ He’s breathing hard, his voice low and almost menacing.

I look at him sadly but relieved, ‘I don’t know Linc, but I rather be here then in that clearing,’ I can hear the pain laced in my voice and my words. I have no idea how we got here back at Fox River almost 6 months earlier in time, but I’ve never been so glad to be back in this god forsaken place. Anywhere was better then being in that wasteland of bodies. Well maybe not Sona…

‘Well let’s say you are right, theoretically, what does that mean, what do we do now?’ Lincoln asks a frown on his face. ‘I mean we obviously failed the first time, who’s to say we’ll get it right this time. Theoretically.

Smirking I answer his theoretical question. The guy was still stubborn as ever. ‘Well to answer you, theoretically,’ I humor him, ‘Mow we know very important information that we didn’t know before. I mean Terrance Steadman is still alive..again, there’s so many-there’s so many thing we can fix,’ I whisper looking down I close my eyes overwhelmed by all this information.

‘Veronica!’ Linc exclaims suddenly. ‘She’s alive! I-I have to call her, stop her!’

I look at him silently, seeing the hope and sheer happiness on his face, his eyes brighter then I’ve seen in a long time. Everyone that died is alive now. Sara is alive. As if the Gods were listening in on his thoughts, I hear my name called out.

‘Scofield! Infirmary!’ The guard booms.
I left without so much as a glance to my brother or Fernando, impatiently waiting for the guard to open the gate. She’s alive, I keep repeating in my head as we head to the Infirmary building. I quickly pick up the pace, wanting to get there faster.

‘Slow down Scofield, this look like a race to you?’ The C.O said -I can’t remember his name- gripping my arm tighter and pulled us to a stop as we passed another bull. I sigh harshly; we didn’t have time for this! I couldn’t believe my eyes, or ears I should say, they stopped to talk about what their wives made for dinner last night! This is unbelievable; I mean does CO Stolte–that was his name!-really care what C.O Louis had for dinner last night? Whether the steak was too cooked or the potatoes were too starchy?

Looking behind me I can see Linc and Sucre deep in conversation, Sucre must be telling him everything we discussed and theorized this morning. Perhaps Linc can come up with some logical answers. Then again, watching Linc speaking rapidly and quite excitably, his hands moving erratically in the air no doubt mimicking what appears to be some sort of flying aircraft, I can only assume he’s come up with-yet again- his UFO conspiracies. Holding back a laugh I turn back to my fellow guards only to realize the conversation has turned to sports. The Chicago Blackhawks has clinched a number two spot in the western Divison playoff race with 111 points. I purposely huff loudly, trying to move this conversation along, already 7 minutes had gone by!

‘Hey Scofield, you know what teams Cristobal Huet played for before the Blackhawks?’ Stolte asks me, appearing quite stumped on the question. Happily I answer the question knowing they will finish their conversation and we can get moving. I watched my fair share of hockey games with my co-workers while relaxing at the bar after a long day at work.

‘He played for the Kings between 2002-2004, then he went to the Habs between 2005-2008, played a season for the Capitals, before he signed with the Blackhawks as a free agent,’ I suck in a huge breath, having rambled off everything I could remember as fast as I could, desperate to continue on to the infirmary.

‘The Habs?’ They both look at me in confusion. Rolling my eyes inwardly I reply with some-okay A LOT!- impatience,’ Montreal Canadiens, its like a nickname for them which is used to refer to both the French settlers and the inhabitants of French origin who farmed the land along the two shores of the St. Lawrence Gulf and River in what is the present-day Province of Quebec in Canada.’

Jeeze what was I doing? Giving them a history course? Both C.O Stolte and Louis were still looking at me weirdly, they probably regretted asking me the question. But it seemed to do the trick, we finally we’re on our way again. I could feel my heart start to pound, my hands getting clammy, and sweat breaks out over my upper lip as we climbed the stairs. Maybe I should have let them talk a little longer.

This is it, I’m going to be with her soon. I’m sure she’s going to be confused on what’s happening, I know I still am, but just knowing we’ll be together again makes everything seem like it will all work out. I’m not stupid; I know our being together won't actually make everything okay, our love cant end world hunger, wars and all our problems, though I liked to think it could. But it will make it a lot easier when we have something to fight for. A future together.

As we enter the infirmary a combination of sensations spread through me. I’ve been through a lot in this part of the prison. Both fear and pain, happiness and love. C.O Stolte leads me to room one and immediately the memories that hit me are almost overwhelming. Any second now she’ll walk through that door, any second now…

I straighten when I hear the familiar click of her shoes on the tiled floor, then there’s a flash of red and she finally breezes through the doorway and she’s in front of me smiling. I smile back, conscious of C.O Stolte still standing by the door, but with a reassuring nod but clearly a dismissal, he leaves the room closing the door behind him. I realize we won't have much time alone or any privacy, something I had come to get used to back in LA and Miami, but as soon as I start to get up from my seat she turns to me, and stares back at my intense gaze. This time my heart pounds for a different reason. As I stare into her eyes, eyes I have stared into so many times I’ve lost count, eyes that have stared right back with such utter unconditional love, I sit back down with dread. She doesn’t remember.

TBC!..hopefully haha
Chapter End Notes:
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