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Recent high school graduate LJ Burrows was enjoying a bright and sunny afternoon with his girlfriend Donna Caldwell. LJ was happy for the first time in such a long time. Nearly two years ago he was held captive in Panama by a crazy mob, or it least it felt that way. Now with the future ahead, LJ just wanted to enjoy the night. LJ looked at Donna who had a sad look on her face.

“ Are you okay?”

Donna looked at him and shook her head, tears were streaming from her blue eyes.

“ I don’t think I’ll ever be okay. We both went through hell, but ended up with good grades, got excepted to the same college with scholarships.”

“ Then what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

Donna sat up then put her head in her hands. LJ could hear Donna crying more freely.

“ Donna.”

Donna looked up and LJ wiped away tears from her eyes.

“ I love you LJ. We’re so young, but I love you.”

“ I love you too Donna, with all my heart. You’re the best thing in my life next to my family.”

“ I hear you. That’s how I feel about my family. There’s something I have to tell you. We did make a decision on prom night.”

LJ smiled.

“ Yes and it was great. Do you regret what happened that night? Do you regret that we made love?”

“ No, but you need to know this. I’m so scared.”

LJ looked at her and was afraid to ask.

“ Donna, are you telling me..”

“ I think I’m pregnant LJ. What are we going to do?”

LJ ended up holding her in his arms.

“ Have you mentioned this to your parents yet?”

“ I can’t. My father would disown me I think. He didn’t want this for me. My father didn’t like that I as going out with you. He saw you as a bad influence because of your father.”

“ My dad was cleared of all charges and so was I.”

Donna just nodded her head. LJ got up.

“ Come on. I think you need to talk to your folks. I’ll be right there with you. Then I have to tell my dad, he won’t like it either.”

“ He won’t disown you. What do you think your dad will do?”

“ He’ll be mad, but I have to tell him.”

LJ walked with Donna through the park and back to her house.

“ I can’t tell them yet LJ.”

LJ hugged her tight.

“ When you are, I’ll be there.”

Donna smiled and went into the house. LJ stood there a moment before going home himself. He went through the door to see his father waiting for him.

“ Hey son.”

LJ looked at his father. There was a time in the past he didn’t like his father, but Lincoln Burrows became the one person he needed the most.

“ Hey dad.”

“ How did your night go? I didn’t expect you home so soon.”

“ Donna wasn’t feeling well, so we called it a night.”

LJ sat down next to his father.

“ I’m sorry to hear that.”

LJ then again looked at his father, Lincoln knew there was something else.

“ LJ, what’s wrong?”

LJ shook his head.

“ You can tell me what’s wrong? Whatever it is.”

“ I made a mistake dad, a huge mistake. Then again, I’m still a kid.”

“ You’re a great kid. You’re responsible, honest, helpful, intelligent. Should I go on?”

LJ got up and began to pace around.

“ LJ.”

“ I told you I made a mistake dad, a mistake I can’t change.”

Lincoln got up and hugged his son.

“ I’m sorry dad. Donna isn’t just sick. She thinks she pregnant.”

Lincoln looked at his son.

“ I don’t know how it happened. We used protection and it’s what we both wanted. I love her dad. I love Donna so much.”

“ I know you do. What about her parents?”

“ Donna’s scared to tell them. She thinks her father will disown her. We’re supposed to go to college in the fall. We both still plan on going.”

“ Then you will. I’ll help you, both of you.”

LJ ended up smiling, he didn’t expect to hear what he just heard. The door then opened and Jane walked in.

“ Hey. What’s going on?”

“ Nothing,” Lincoln answered,” Just a little father/son discussion.”

Jane smiled and nodded her head.

“ LJ is still all in one piece, that’s a good sign.”

LJ nodded his head. He liked Jane, even though at times he still thought about Veronica.

“ I’m going to get some sleep. Goodnight.”

LJ went into his room. Lincoln sat down and Jane sat down next to him.

“ What’s wrong with him? I sense something happened and the two of you don’t want to tell me.”

Lincoln didn’t know what to say. Was it right to tell Jane what was going on?”

“ LJ is just growing up and I’m so proud of him. He went through so many obstacles and despite all that he managed to get a scholarship. It’s hard to believe he’s going to college.”

“ Isn’t he going to still live a home?”

“ For now. I sometimes wish I was that smart.”

“ You did a great job raising him through all the bad times.”

Lincoln sat back.

“ With the help of Michael, Sara, you, and his mother. Lisa did most of it. I wasn’t there half the time. LJ still misses her, I do too. LJ hated me so much at one point, he pretended I didn’t exist.”

Jane looked at him.

“ Now you’re one of the most important in his life. LJ is still going to need you Lincoln, just as much you need him.”

Lincoln nodded his head. Jane was right. LJ was going to need him now, more then ever.