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Author's Chapter Notes:

This will be my first in a series of some of my old writings I did as a teenager in which I altered the characters to fit PB.

This scene was written for some supporting characters I was using in a story involving - what else? - teens in high school and their obsession with sex. I am surprised at how risqué it is given the age I was when I wrote it. *blushes*

I chose to make this a Lincoln/Jane scene since, in my mind, it seems more in character for them than for any others (also the girl in the story's physical description fit Jane).

Jane Phillips opened her locker in the Senior Hall of West Madison High School early Monday morning. So early, in fact, the only other people at the school were the school janitor and a few faculty members who seemed to live there. She was there to meet her boyfriend, Lincoln Burrows, to study for an anatomy test they had later that day. As she reached in to retrieve her Anatomy/Physiology textbook, a pair of strong arms slipped around her waist. "Hey sexy," a husky voice whispered in her ear. Jane felt a tingle of pleasure run down her spine as the owner of the voice began to kiss the bareness of her neck. She was glad she had French-braided her long, pale blonde hair that morning. She allowed herself to be transported to another world enjoying the electric current each kiss sparked on her neck. It was only when the hands of the arms encircling her waist began to fumble up and under her pale blue midriff-baring tank top that she turned around to face her boyfriend. "Lincoln," she scolded, still letting his hands roam under her shirt, "We're in public. Some...someone could...see...us..." she trailed off with a sigh of pleasure.

Lincoln looked around the empty halls. "There's no one here. We have the whole hallway to ourselves," he said while making the exciting discovery that today Jane wore no bra. His lips met hers in a long, lingering kiss. Jane sighed again.

Lincoln let his kisses creep down the hollow of her neck and slowly he began to lift the thin fabric of Jane's tank top up and over her breasts. They weren't large, but they weren't small either. Just a little over a handful. Lincoln always told her they were perfect.

Lincoln continued to trail kisses down to the blushed tips of her breasts. Jane tried to protest again - but too swept up in the passion, her protests faded into sighs of pleasure, then a low moan as his lips enclosed over one of her hardened nipples. He sucked it gently - then the other one.

"Really Lincoln," Jane managed to say firmly. "We can't do this here. Anyway - I thought we were going to study for that anatomy test and that's why we came so early."

"We can study anatomy right here," he replied tracing the outline of her nipples with the tip of his tongue.

"You may be studying, but I'm not."

"Let me help you," he said bringing his lips back to hers, unzipping his pants with one hand and with the other, guiding her delicate hand downward.

As always, Jane was shocked by the hardness of Lincoln's sex. She stroked him with her perfectly manicured fingers. "Why don't you study it closer?" he whispered into her ear before gently pushing her shoulders until she was kneeling in front of him.

Jane expertly closed her mouth over his hardness. Slowly and rhythmically she began to suck. Lightly at first then harder. Lincoln's breath grew more rapid until he exploded in her mouth. He let out a moan of sheer pleasure letting his hands slip down to caress her still bare chest. Placing his hands under her arms, Lincoln pulled Jane up. He kissed her lips softly. "How was that for a lesson in anatomy?" he inquired, pulling her close.

"I don't know, I'm still kind of confused," Jane said in a deep, breathy voice, "Maybe tonight we can go over it again."

"Oooh baby," he moaned and began to kiss her again passionately.

Jane felt him harden again against her lower abdomen. "Tonight," she whispered and gently pulled herself away from him. She bent down and kissed the tip of his erection. "Save it until tonight." With that she pulled her shirt back down where it belonged and turned back to her locker.

Lincoln, satisfied with the promise, zipped himself back up just as the first busload of students arrived and began filing into the halls...

Chapter End Notes:

Should I be embarassed now?