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Mr. Mom and Dr Tancredi Scofield

(One week after “Only one wish this year”)

Mr. McGuire slammed down the phone receiver after another unsuccessful attempt on getting another engineer to take over his project. Learning that Michael was no longer working for him had shocked and angered him. He still wasn’t sure as to why their business deal was broken but his niece came back to say things with Michael weren’t working out and he wasn't cooperating with their terms. Now not only did he not have an engineer, but he didn’t have a building plan for the hotel since Michael Scofield still had rights to the plans he made as they weren’t officially for his hotel yet until the final meeting which they never got to. “Anna!” he yelled from his office chair to his niece who was sitting just outside his door.

“Yes” she answered as she entered her uncle’s office.

“That was one of our last options to hire a engineer at this point. It’s getting to the point this whole project will be postponed and that will only cost us more money, is there anyway you think Mr. Scofield will reconsider I mean you said you two use to be very close”

Anna bit her lip since she never told her uncle the small tiny detail that lead to Michael quitting instead in her version firing him as she explained it to him. “I don’t think so I mean he was very uncooperative with me, I gave him our agreement terms and he turned them down.”

Mr. McGuire gave a sigh and sat back in his leather chair, “Mr. Scofield was very professional and I’ve never had any problems with him so I don’t see why all of a sudden he wasn’t happy with our terms. What exactly wasn’t he wasn’t happy with?”

“Oh I don’t think that really matters now, I gave him and ultimatum and he chose to not agree with me. I don’t see anyway of getting him back, he is still set on his way even if I could make him happier” Anne said but after her last sentence she froze hoping her uncle didn’t hear that.

“Wait what do you mean you could make him happier?” he asked her now curious as to what happen.

Biting her lip and quickly thinking on her feet Anna started to stutter before finally make in a sentence, “I mean us make him happy…. um”

Her nervousness had Mr. McGuire’s attention and he eyed his niece very closely and frowned his brow. “Anna what exactly was the ultimatum you gave Mr. Scofield?” his voice was no long calm as with each word he said he go louder and louder.

“Look we should really be focusing on getting….”

“ANNA!” he shouted at her before to could finish.

“I told him to choose me and the best project his firm has ever gotten or his wife Tara or Cara!” Anna shouted back at him not really thinking before the words life her mouth. “I love him and I wanted him to love me back and I thought me getting him this job would help.”

Mr. McGuire stared at his niece in disbelief at the words she had just spoken. “Please tell me that was a joke, please tell me you didn’t throw away one of the best engineers I have ever had over a stupid college crush! TELL ME!”

“I’m sorry, but I thought he would choose me”

“I can’t believe this, so wait a minute the rush on needing this blue prints had nothing to do with the business did it? You wanted him with you for the holidays. I can’t believe I let you talk me into that.”

“I love him”

“Yeah well last I checked he was happy with his wife who I believe is named SARA. He has a family and what were you planning to do break it up, you of all people know what it is like when a family falls apart how could you do that to those children. You are selfish Anna, Selfish!” he told her as he pointed his finger at her to show how serious and upset he was with her. “I want you to pack up your things and leave this office.”

Anna looked up at her uncle in shock, “What but…”

“You only took this job for your own selfish reasons and I don’t want someone like that working for me, even if you are family.”

Anna was speechless at her uncle’s words and did not want to believe he was actually kicking her out and firing her. Before she could say anything else to him he yelled at her again to leave and Anna quickly ran out of his office still in shock by her uncle’s reaction.

Quickly Anna packed up her things while still furious with her uncle. Throwing stuff into a box she deliberately tried to make as much noise as she could to annoy him because in her mind he deserved it. While emptying her bottom drawer of the desk Mr. McGuire quietly made his way over to his niece’s desk and stood there and watched her pack. When she stood up to glared at her uncle and then through a bunch of crap in her box. “What? Realized you over reacted” Anna scoffed.

“No just came to tell you that this stapler belongs to the office,” he said as he pulled it out of her box. Anna’s jaw dropped as she realized her was actually going through with firing her and not just making a show. Gritting her teeth and letting out a growl she picked up her box of belongings and headed for the door in a hurry to avoid looking at any other the other faces as she left the office. When she reached the main floor she stormed out and only the sound of her high heels clicking on the floor could be heard as she made her way to the front door and swung them open. Mumbling to herself she made her way down the concrete steps with the box in her arms and her feet stomping loudly as she went. Who did her uncle think he was telling her she was selfish? All her life people had told her if you want something really bad you have to work at it to get it and that’s what she was doing with Michael. She had a little set back during Christmas with Michael but she soon would have what she wanted. With her mind made up Anna smiled imagining what it would be like to have Michel to herself. Unfortunately her daydream was suddenly interrupted when on of a sudden her high heel on her shoes broke on the steps so she tripped and her and her box flew forward.


With total concentration Nicole slowly placed her final building block on top of her tall tower she was building in the family room while one of her favorite cartoons played on the t.v in the background. Once the block as securely on top she stood back to admire her work with an accomplished smile on her face.

Suddenly out of no where a small bouncy ball that looked like a soccer ball came flying through the room and crashed right into her tower of blocks. Nicole’s jaw dropped in shock and then turned to see a guilty looking Matt standing in the doorway. “MATT!” she shrieked as she put her hands on top of her tied up auburn hair. “You broke it!” she screamed and then moved over to pick up his ball and threw it at him.

“Hey that hurt!” Matt called back and then threw it back at her.

“Ow, MOMMY!” Nicole screamed. “MOMMY!”

Upstairs in the bedroom Sara was in the master bathroom getting dressed when she heard the two start to fight once again. Checking her make up once more she left the bathroom and found Michael picking up Lexie and then mouthing to her that he was on it and headed downstairs to play referee between the twins. Holding Lexie against his chest he made his way down the stairs just as the twins were coming out of the family room calling out for Sara.

“Where’s mommy?” Nicole cried as she ran towards her dad.

“She is upstairs getting ready for work so I’m in charge” Michael told them as he looked down at the twins. “What’s going on?” he asked them.

“Matt broke my tower” Nicole told with a frown on her face as she pointed at her brother.

“She threw the ball at me!”

“Because your ball hit my tower!” she added.

“Alright guys that enough, its time for breakfast anyways so say you’re sorry and the go sit in the kitchen,” Michael told them. Nicole and Matt both eyed each other and then mumbled a quiet sorry to the other before following their dad into the kitchen. As they sat the kitchen table waiting for their breakfast, Michael placed Lexie in her swing so that he could make their breakfast.

A couple minutes later Sara came into the kitchen all dressed for work and with her purse and lab coat with her. Nicole and Matt sat at the table with their heads resting on the little fists looking at their mom. “Mommy why do you have to work?” Nicole asked.

“Don’t worry I’m only going to help out at the hospital for a couple hours and then I’ll be home” she told her daughter as she moved over and gave each of them a kiss. Due to shortage of doctor staff at the hospital an old friend of Sara’s called her up and told her that they were in need on some assistance at the hospital. Since Sara was still technically on maternity leave she wasn’t working at her clinic so she agreed to help out for a few hours. Michael had taken the day off so that he could watch the kids since Linc and Hannah were away for a weekend leaving Michael, Sara and the kids to have the place to themselves for a while.

“But we are suppose to bake cookies” Nicole whined as she remembers how her mom said they could make cookies on the weekend.

“Well I’ll be back later and we can make them after dinner or you can make them with daddy” Sara told her five year old.

“Ah Sara I can’t bake unless burnt ones count” Michael pointed out.

“Well the good thing for you is my baking involves buying the Pillsbury package where their already cut into a cookie shape and all you have to do is place them in the oven for 12 minutes.”

Michael couln'td help but chuckle and shake his head as he returned to making the twins breakfast. Zipping up her coat Sara moved over to the swing and picked up her baby girl who seemed to be all smiles this morning and gave her a big hug and a kiss. Placing her back in her swing Sara strolled over to the twins and gave each of them on more hug and kiss.

“So you think you’ll be okay?” Sara asked Michael as he handed her a chocolate chip muffin.

“Are you kidding? With Linc not around that’s one less person I have to pick up after” he joked before leaning in for a goodbye kiss. “See you this afternoon,” he told her as she headed for the door.

“Bye guys!’ she called back to the twins.

“Bye” she got as a muffled response as the twins eat their breakfast.