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Author's Chapter Notes:
Heres a little something I've had on my mind.
Like Father, Like Daughter

It was a Sunday afternoon and like every Sunday afternoon Lincoln Burrows liked to spend it with a beer, nachos and the t.v turned to the football game. So with the full intention to watch the game later in the afternoon Linc strolled into kitchen whistling happily planning to prepare his nachos. As he walked over to the snack cupboard he selected his chips and place them on the counter. As he walked around the counter something caught his eye and caused him to stop and pick up the colorful rubrics cube.

He eyed it closely and then started playing with the pieces trying to match up the colors. He stood there for a few moments fiddling with it before Michael sauntered into the kitchen and eyeing his brother.

“Hey man what’s this?” Linc asked holding up the rubiks cube.

“It’s an rubiks cube” Michael told him a little confused as to why Linc was asking him such an easy question.

“No, I know that but where did it come from?” Linc responded correcting his way of questioning.

“Oh I think Nicole and Matt got them in their loot bags from a birthday party the went to last weekend” Michael told him. Linc nodded and then looked down at the cube trying to match up the colors but was unsuccessful.

“Well this is broken, because I can’t get it to work” Linc said and then tossed it at Michael.

With his fast reflexes Michael caught the rubiks cube and couldn’t help but let out a chuckle as he leaned against the kitchen counter facing his brother and began to play with the cube and matched up the colors. It didn’t take him long and with a smirk tossed it back to his brother. “Seems to be working fine to me” Michael told him and pushed his body away from the counter and moved to the front door to get his jacket from the closet.

“Hey where are you going?’ Linc asked as he followed his brother into the foyer.

“Sara and I have some errands to run, I was hoping you could watch the kids,” Michael asked.

“Um yea sure” Linc said with a nod.


The moment he had been waiting for had arrived and after putting Lexie down for her nap Linc got his nachos and sat in front of the t.v as the game kicked off. Linc was getting right into it while Matt and Nicole were sitting on the family room floor in front of him playing with the legos.

They would look up at their uncle once and a while as he yelled at the t.v when something didn’t go his way. This confused that kids because they couldn’t understand why he would yell at the players on the screen knowing full well they couldn’t hear him.

“Oh come on what was that?” Linc yelled and Nicole looked at her uncle and then turned to look at the t.v wondering what had happened. “What’s wrong uncle Linc” Nicole asked as she got up and padded across the carpet and climbed on her uncle’s lap.

“Oh nothing my team is losing” he told her and then pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“Oh that’s too bad, but you know that can’t hear you yelling at them right?” Nicole said turning to look at her uncle with her crystal blue eyes.

“I know sweetie I’m just excited about the game I guess,” he told her as he snuggled with his niece. The game went on with not much change, Linc team was still losing and it only seemed like the score was getting worse as they entered the second half and then the third quarter.

Over time Nicole crawled off her uncle’s lap and joined her brother back on the floor to continue playing. They played quietly together as Linc watched the game but then all of a sudden Matt jumped up and ran to the window as some magical white stuff caught his eyes. “Look Nicole, uncle Linc it’s snowing!” he said excitedly.

Nicole’s eyes widened in surprise and a smile crept across her face in delight. Getting up from her spot on the floor she ran over to join her brother by the window to watch the falling snow. “Look uncle Linc!” she said with a smile as she pointed of the white snowflakes falling to the ground starting to create a winter wonderland.

“Can we go outside and play uncle Linc” Nicole asked as she ran over to her uncle and leaned forward on his lazy boy chair.

“After the game” Linc said automatically not really paying much attention to her.

Rolling her eyes and letting out a huff, Nicole pushed a strand of her dark auburn hair behind her ear and gave her uncle a pout. “But it’s been on forever” she complained.

Taking his eyes off the t.v and looking at the pleading eyes of his niece and nephew Linc mind worked quickly trying to decide how he could finish watching the game. He bit his lip and glanced around the room to try and find something to keep them busy for the last quarter. “Umm…” then out of the corner of his eye Linc saw the rubiks cube sitting at the end of the end table. “Here, how about you try and get all the same colors together and then we will go outside” he told his niece.

He handed it to Nicole and watched as she stared at it for a moment before turning around and taking a seat on the floor. With a smile Linc sat back in his seat and turned back to the game. If he couldn’t figure it out how could a seven year old do it? He felt a little bad for trying to bribe his niece but he figured just this once wouldn’t make a difference.

Suddenly not too long after giving her the rubiks cube, Nicole stood up and held the solved rubiks cube in her hand. “I’m done” Nicole said showing her finished work to her uncle.

Linc’s eyes widened in surprised and he sat up in his seat and looked at the little girl. It was impossible how could she figure it out nonetheless figuring it out in less then five minutes. “How did you… you…” he said speechless.

“Can we go outside and play in the snow now?” Nicole asked again in her small little voice not really caring about the rubiks cube.

Linc was still in shock that she had solve the puzzle and had to scratch it head wondering how she did it. “Wow like father like daughter” he mumbled to himself as he took the cube from her and saw that she had indeed fixed every side. He then couldn’t help but laugh reached out and tickle both Nicole and Matt. “You two really are your fathers kids” he laughed and the twins squirmed in his arms with playful screams.

“So can we please go outside and play in the snow” Matt pleaded and tugged on his uncle’s sleeve.

“Well it doesn’t seem like this game is going to miraculously turn around in the next ten minutes in my favor and I did promise if you fixed the rubiks cube we could, even though you did show off about it” Linc chuckled and gave each of them a kiss.

“I wasn’t a show off” Nicole said in defense with a giggle.

“Alright, last out outside is a rotten egg” Linc yelled and then three of them ran to the back door to get their outer wear on. The three of them ran around in the snow and chased after each other in the backyard. Linc couldn’t help but smile at how excited they got about snow. As he chased the twins around the yard he knew there was nothing he loved more them spending time with his nieces and nephew. He knew that as they got older he would be in big trouble with not being able to say no to their adorable and innocent faces. The had him wrapped around their little fingers and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chapter End Notes:
I'm working on a Christmas story once again and hope to post it in the beginning of December.