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Story Notes:
I simply do not have time at the moment to be writing longer fanfiction stories. However, I miss pretty much every single PB character, so I'm going to try writing a 100-word drabble every day for the next fifty days, and a different heterosexual pairing for each one. You definitely don't have to read all of them. In fact, if you want to just read one, that's great. Or if you miss every single character and want to read all fifty, also great.

Prompts lifted from a livejournal challenge ("writing rainbow," I think?)
1. Rose

It stays on her bedside table for fifty years. In the open, it invites questions from the few people who happen to see it. She doesn’t hesitate to tell the story, but a short version, because unabridged it spans two continents and a horrific detour that she’d rather not remember in association with the rose. Instead, she remembers touching and gazing and smiling.

It’s a paper rose but it outlives Michael, and eventually her. Some kind of symbol of love defying time and space and life and death. She wasn’t afraid of getting attached to something that would never die.