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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hi so here is another short story for this family. It's a two chapter story and here is the first. Hope you like it!
Noises in the Basement

Chapter 1

The yellow school bus came around the corner and stopped at the curb one afternoon after school. The doors to the bus slid open allowing the children to step off the bus and on to the sidewalk. Matt led the way with his sister Nicole and the two Sucre children Alejandro and Maribelle coming behind him. Waving goodbye to the bus driver the kids skipped down the sidewalk and started to cross the field heading home.

The four were involved in a silly discussion about a bake sale that they had had earlier that day at school and all the goodies they had brought home. “Madison’s mom made Oreo cupcakes, they are sooo good.” Nicole said cheerfully as she held up her little brown bag and showed the others.

“Yeah well I liked the brownies,” Maribelle said with a smile much like one her dad Fernando Sucre always made.

“Yeah those were good too!” Matt said, as he turned to talk to the others while walking backwards.

As the boys walked ahead, the two best friends Nicole and Maribelle walked behind them giggling and goofing around. This happened pretty much everyday and Alejandro had to keep reminding the girls to hurry up.

“We’re coming!” Nicole called out to him with a huff just before she tripped due on her untied shoe. “Hang on” she said with a groan and then knelt down to tie up her shoe.

Maribelle kept on walking and caught up to her brother while Nicole stayed knelt down on the ground tying her shoe. After pulling it tight she grabbed her backpack and got ready to stand up when all of a sudden she heard a whimper coming from the bushes only a couple meters away. Her head shot over in that direction and stared at the bush, at first she thought she was hearing things but then suddenly heard it again.

“Nicole!” she heard Matt call but being her curious self she ignored him and went to check it out.

Fed up with it Alejandro said he had to get to soccer soon so him and Maribelle continued walking towards their house while Matt stayed back to see what his sister was up to. Running over to her he followed her over to the bush. “What’s going on?”

“I heard something,” she told him as she crept closer to the bush still hearing the whimper. Slowly and gently she held her breath as she reached out to separate the branches to reveal the cause of the whimpering. There curled up in a little ball shaking was a tiny little golden retriever puppy. Nicole’s heard dropped when she saw the poor thing that looked scared, alone and possibly hungry. “Oh look Matt it’s a little puppy!”

“He looks so sad” Matt said as he peaked his head in to see the little guy.

Nicole shifted back a little and patted the ground and called the little puppy to come out. After a little hesitation the puppy did come out and Nicole noticed it was limping due to a sore front paw. “Matt he’s hurt!” she said all sympathetic for the little guy. As the puppy came out Nicole started to pet him and watched as the puppy curled right up to her. With a smile Matt took a seat next to his sister and started petting the puppy’s back. “He’s sooo cute!”

“Yeah he is” Matt said.

Both were so caught up in the puppy when all of a suddenly they heard someone calling their names. Turning their head back they saw their uncle Linc standing at the top of the hill near their house calling for the two to come home.

“Coming!” Matt yelled and then got to his feet and picked up his backpack.

“What are you doing we can’t leave him here!” Nicole protested.

“We have to go! We can tell mommy and daddy about the puppy but you know daddy doesn’t like animals in the house”

“I know but…”


“Okay” Nicole said in defeat and quickly reached into her backpack for a few crackers and set them on the ground for the puppy. As he started to eat the crackers Nicole got to her feet and chased after brother who was already half way up the hill. What she didn’t see was after finishing the crackers the puppy started running after her and followed her all the way home.


When they go to the house Linc was in the middle of making dinner while Lexie was playing with the dollhouse. Matt and Nicole came in through the side door and started to remove their coats and shoes when they heard some kind of scratching noise coming from the other side of the closed door.

The twins shared a look and then quietly opened to the door to see the little puppy sitting on the steps. “He must have followed us home” Nicole whispered. “What do we do?”

“Hello!” came their father’s voice as he was just walking in the front door. With excitement Lexie got up from her spot on the floor and ran towards the front door to greet her father. Matt bit his lip not knowing what to do with the puppy and walked off to see his dad.

Nicole on the other hand couldn’t bring herself to leave the puppy so gathered him up in the arms and inside her sweater so no one could see him. Quickly she opened the basement door and headed down into the playroom looking for a place to hide the puppy. Dumping out a toy bin she placed the puppy inside it and pleaded with it not to make too much noise.

“What you doin?” came Lexie’s voice as she stood on the stairs in her pretty yellow sunflower dress.

“Nothing” Nicole said quickly as she shrugged her shoulders.

“Lexie don’t think so” the three year old said as she shook her head. This was a new thing she had been doing lately; talking in a third person and everyone in the family had no idea why. They had tried numerous of times to get her to stop but now it seem like a game to her. With a smile she climbed down the rest of the stairs and skipped over to see what her older sister was up to.

“Lexie it’s nothing...” Nicole repeated.

“Lexie wants to see!” she insisted and sneaked passed her sister to look down into the toy box and saw the puppy. Her mouth opened wide in shock and excitement. “Lexie sees a puppy! A puppy!”

“Shhh” Nicole warned her little sister. “It’s a secret.”

The smile on Lexie’s face disappeared and she shook her head in disapproval. “Mommy no like secrets” Lexie told her sister and waved her index finger.

“But it’s a surprise, you don’t want to ruin the surprise right?”

“No” she answered.

“Okay good!” Nicole said with a smile and then lead Lexie back up the stairs all the while wondering how long her little sister would go without ratting her out.

As they got up stairs they could see their uncle Linc and dad setting the table and laughing about something. As she entered the room Nicole smiled up at her dad. “Hi daddy!” she said.

“Hey honey, how was your day. How was the bake sale?” Michael asked his eldest daughter while giving her ha hug and kiss.

“Good, Madison’s mom made Oreo cupcakes!”

“Those sound delicious, do I get one?” he asked with a chuckle.

“You can have a brownie but not my cupcake,” she giggled just as Michael picked her up and swung her around in the air.

“Well looks like your all having fun in here?” Hannah said as her and Sara entered the room after they had gone out to run a few errands.

“Mommy!” all three kids yelled as they ran over to give their mom a hug.

“Gee how come I didn’t get that kind of greeting, I’m the one who made dinner!” Linc joked as the started dividing the spaghetti on the plates.

“Yes and we all know how hard it is to made spaghetti” Sara teased as she held Lexie in her arms and cuddled with the three year old.

“Lexie like spaghetti!” Lexie chirped.

“’Does she now?” Linc joked playing along with Lexie.

“Alright everyone one lets sit down” Michael said as he reached to take Lexie from Sara and sneaked a kiss in as well with his wife before turning to place Lexie in the highchair beside him.

“Well Linc honey I’m impressed you have garlic bread and everything!” Hannah said with a smile as she rubbed her husbands back.

“Yeah I’m the next big chef in town” he joked.

They all took their seat in their normal spots, the Matt in between Michael and Sara, Nicole beside Hannah and Linc at the end of the table across from Lexie. Passing the Caesar salad and garlic bread around the family enjoy and nice quiet dinner together like they tried to do every night.

“Arff, arff!” came a sound that made everyone at the table stop and listen for a moment. Nicole sat their quietly hoping no one would make a bog deal about it. Across from her Matt gave his sister a look letting her know he knew what she had done.

“What was that?” Michael asked as he looked around the room. “Sounded like barking.”

“Lexie hear no barking!” she chirped in as she shook her head.

“Arff, arff!” came the sound again.

“There it was again,” Michael told them.

“Yeah I heard it that time” Linc said also looking around the room.

“It’s probably one of the neighbor’s dog” Sara insisted not making a big deal about it.

“Yeah I guess” Michael said as he resumed eating.

“Yep no puppy dog here!” Lexie said cheerfully and everyone looked at the little girl but just shrugged off the comment.

After dinner Nicole had snuck some of the leftover food into the basement and set it down in the box with the puppy so it could eat. She talked softly to the little dog and sat right beside the box and watched him.

“You are going to be in soo much trouble!” Matt said as he came down into the basement shaking his head.

Nicole didn’t say anything; she just looked back at the puppy and watched him eat. Matt walked over and looked down at the little puppy and sat beside his sister. “Do you think mommy and daddy would let us keep him? He doesn’t have a collar or anything.”

“Daddy said no pets, remember” Matt said sadly.

“But he’s a cute little puppy” Nicole stated.

“What cute little puppy?” came a voice and the twins turned to see their aunt Hannah standing there.


“Lexie wants to play princess!” she said as she sat in the family room with her mother and father.

“Lexie your suppose to say, I would like to play princess” Michael corrected her.

“Lexie said that!” she argued and Sara could only laugh.

“Alright I give up,” Michael growled playfully as he reached out and tickled her.

“No, no play princess!” she repeated.

“Only if your daddy can wear the pink tiara” Linc teased as he entered the room to take a seat on the sofa.

“Very funny Linc” Michael snapped as he shot his brother a cold stare.

“Aw I think you look cute in the tiara, it was one of my favorite ones we had sent out for Christmas to people.”

“Don’t remind me,” Michael told her with a smile.

“LINCOLN!” they all heard Hannah yell.

“Uh oh Lexie thinks you in trouble!”

“Michael thinks that too!” he said with a laugh as he sat on the floor with Lexie on his lap and Sara beside him nodding her head.

Linc sat there for a moment trying to think of what he could of possibly done in the last hour to anger his wife. Slowly getting up from the sofa he left the room while Michael and Sara hummed out some doom music.

“Arff, arff” came a noise.

“Okay did you hear that it sounds close” Michael told Sara.

“Lexie’s a puppy, arff, arff” she said trying to say the noise was her.

Michael and Sara just started laughing and then started to tickle their little girl.


“Oh my god it that a dog!” Linc said in a loud whisper as he came down the stairs to join Hannah and the twins who were all gathered around a dog.

“It’s a puppy” Nicole corrected him.

“How’d it get down here?” he asked.

“He was scared and hurt uncle Linc” Matt told him.

Linc as speechless as he looked from them to the puppy in Nicole’s arms. “Michael is going to freak!” he told Hannah. “Michael likes things clean, neat and in order. Dogs do not mix well with clean, neat and organized. How long have you had him down here?”

“Since I got home from school” Nicole explained.

Linc bit his lip and shook his head; this wasn’t going to end well.