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Author's Chapter Notes:
Beta by Foxriverinmate
The first attack of pain was something that Alex didn’t expect. His chest contracted, he found it hard to breath and for a moment, he thought he was having a heart attack. His arms wrapped around his body on instinct and he hunched over.

“All right, you need to lie down. Come on.” Lincoln’s hand was on Alex’s shoulder as he growled out the command. Alex hadn’t even heard the man move. “Alex, get up and lie on the cot.” Lincoln slid his hands under Alex’s armpits and pulled him up.

Alex groaned; he was cold and he couldn’t shop shivering, damn it. Lincoln steered him towards the bed. Alex wasn’t sure how, but he landed on his side without really hurting himself, so he probably hadn’t fallen down.

“Stay here, I’ll be right back.” Lincoln said close to Alex’s ear.

Alex tried to lift his head and saw Lincoln’s retreating back. “Really?” he rasped, overwhelming fear warring with embarrassment.

Lincoln stopped near the door and shot over his shoulder, “you should know the answer to that question by now.”

Alex coughed, wracking his body even more as Lincoln walked out of the shack.

Things became increasingly blurry after that.

He was hot. He kicked the blankets off him. When did he pull them up? This fucking shack. He shouldn’t let Lincoln Burrows push him around like that. Alex knew all about the game he was playing. Trying to help a little bit, playing the macho alpha man routine combined with some emotional anguish.

Bastard kept him here in this shack on purpose. Oh yeah, but Alex wasn’t going to fall for it. Lincoln was his enemy. He had no friends. Even Pam hadn’t been his friend anymore, not really. It was because he still loved her that they... It hadn’t got anything to do with her feelings. She was just a pawn. They were all pawns. Oh God, his love had killed her! It was his fault. If only he hadn’t been so stupid!

The pillow below his face felt wet. Did the roof leak? Lincoln hunched before him, handing him a piece of cloth. Some sort of handkerchief. Alex used it.

He felt like he was drifting. It was wet everywhere. Lincoln pulled him up.

“Can you get your shirt off?” Lincoln asked somewhat loudly. It didn’t sound sexual. What did he want? Lincoln twisted his head sharply to his side. Alex saw a bucket. It seemed hot. “Got a wash cloth in it. Get some of that sweat off.”

Ah okay, Alex got it. “Thank you,” he whispered. Something clean. That was good. His shirt smelled like last week’s garbage. His hands shook badly, but he got the first button undone. His fingers seemed three times their size, because he kept fumbling.

“I’m going to rip it open if you don’t hurry up, man.” Lincoln groused.

Alex hiccuped a laugh. “Afraid the water will get cold?”

Lincoln didn’t respond, but swatted Alex’s hands away from the buttons. He did what he said and ripped it open. Buttons flew in all directions, but Alex didn’t care. He looked Lincoln in the eyes, face close to his. For a moment he thought he saw something there. Something past the bland look that had only been broken by moments of aggression. An emotion he hadn’t seen before. But as suddenly as it had appeared it was gone again.

“I’m not going to help you clean your chest,” Lincoln said as he backed away. He tugged on the bucket so it was further away from Alex. He had to crawl after it. Lincoln turned on his heels and left the shack. Alex wanted to holler after him. Asshole. Getting off on getting him to crawl.

However, when he started to use the water he became aware that Lincoln didn’t mean to torture him. It was foresight. Alex was shaking so badly that the water splattered the floor as much as it did his chest, face and arms. Better the floor than his bed.

He was shivering and cold. He couldn’t find the strength to use the towel. It was so far away he’d have to crawl and then near the towel… Bill Kim was laughing. He loved seeing Alex like this. He taunted, pointed and called him names. Alex tried to block him out of his mind. Kellerman came in. He came in? That meant Alex wasn’t outside?

“Why aren’t you dried off?” Kellerman said, but it wasn’t his voice. It was dark; a candle was lit.

Alex squinted and croaked out, “Kelle.. Keller-
Kellerman, who didn’t sound like… he interrupted Alex.
“God damn it, you’re hallucinating? What the hell was that stuff you were on?” It wasn’t Kellerman. Alex knew this man better than he knew Kellerman. The name just slipped his mind…

The man came closer. Right; Lincoln. He had the towel in his hand. He must have gone to some lengths to get it. Lincoln bowed, sitting on Alex’s level now, and roughly started to rub Alex’s upper body. The motion brought more shivers to Alex’s flesh as well as goose bumps, but it made him warm too. He felt a smile creeping up his face and moisture in his eyes.

“You’re a fucking wreck, you know that? I should have remembered what a great treat this was going to be. I’m not your nurse, Mahone.” Lincoln spat out.

He sounded angry. Alex didn’t know why. The words didn’t fit with the actions though.

Alex was drowsy now that he was warming up. “Come on.” A voice spoke in his ear, tugging on him, slowly dragging him to his bed.

“Alex, stop fighting me you bastard!” Lincoln had been holding him down for over ten minutes now. He was damned strong. Didn’t he understand that this was killing Alex? Just one pill. If they could go in fast… Alex could even go in by himself. Just a little bit to stop the pain.

“You’re killing me. You’re letting me die,” Alex growled, clawing as much as he could, even though Lincoln held him in a vice.

Lincoln brought his right arm up to Alex’s throat. His left hand kept a grip on Alex’s arms, but his grip was slipping so he slammed Alex’s chest against the wall. Figured Lincoln would do that. It’s what the man did best after all.

He used his mouth and bit down hard on the fleshy part of Lincoln’s arm. Blood filled his mouth. It wasn’t his own.
“Son of a bitch! You fucking asshole! God damn it!”

Lincoln’s strident voice resounded throughout the cabin, but he didn’t let go. Alex didn’t either. Lincoln held him closer pressing into Alex’s backside with his arm digging into Alex’s air supply. The man was going to kill him after all. Not by withholding what Alex needed the most. He’d chosen the more hands-on approach. Always a murderer. To think that Alex had believed him innocent and incapable off….

Alex lost consciousness.

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, Alex.”

A soft voice penetrated Alex’s foggy mind. He opened his eyes. It wasn’t dark. He tried to move his arms and legs, but found he couldn’t. His vision became sharper and he saw Lincoln in front of him.

“You’ve tied me up again? You’ve got no right!” His throat felt raw, painful, but he could still talk. Alex pulled on the ropes. He was still on his bed, but he could hardly move an inch. How the hell did Lincoln Burrows know how to tie somebody up like that? Prison bondage games perhaps? Alex snorted and felt the hatred fill him again. “Just give me a pill. I know you have some. You’re just holding them back because you get off on this, don’t you?”

Lincoln shook his head, let his big, meaty paw roam across his face as if he was the one in agony and stood. “Don’t you dare leave me like this you… Burrows!”

The man just left the shack. Alex continued to rant and shout until he was hoarse.

“Easy; small sips.”

Alex sat with his back against the wall. He was exhausted, but tremors no longer wracked his body. Lincoln held a bottle of water to Alex’s lips. It was cool and soothed Alex’s throat.

“You’ve done some shouting,” Lincoln added as if to explain why Alex felt like he did. That was probable. Then he noticed a large bandage on Lincoln’s arm.

“Accident?” he rasped between gulps.

Lincoln smiled ruefully. “I underestimated you. I’m free of any disease, I hope you are too.” He took the bottle from Alex’s mouth and put it away.

Alex tried to make sense of what he’d said. Had Alex done that? A quick survey of Lincoln’s face told him that could very well be the case. Damn…

“I’m sorry.” *For this shithole we’re in, that you have to see me like this, that we ever crossed paths, that I ever was born, your father, this …everything.*

Lincoln held Alex’s gaze for minutes until he finally nodded. “Go get some rest. I think you’ve beaten the worst. Just stay on track now.” He patted Alex’s arm and got up. He looked like shit.

Alex suspected he hadn’t slept much and his opinion of Lincoln Burrows had just gone up quite a few notches. It took a guy with balls to do what he had just done for Alex.

“Lincoln, thank you,” he rasped, still sitting against the wall on his bed.

Lincoln leaned against the table and bowed his head a little before he looked behind him, at Alex.

He smiled and for a moment Alex thought he'd say something like 'I didn't do it for you'. He didn't, however. He just said, “You’re welcome.”

Alex woke up. He had no idea how much time had passed, but he guessed it had been some days.

Drained as he was, Alex still felt good. He had beaten it and as Lincoln had said, the worst was behind him. At least, drugs wise. Reveling a bit longer in his bed, just lying there not feeling too hot or too cold, he eventually got up. There was some bread on the table and the water in the boiler was still reasonably warm. He poured himself a mug to make some coffee. He could drink it right away.

He looked at the wall as he stood drinking. They needed to start working again now he was over it. They’d lost enough time already. Where was Lincoln anyway?

Antsy to get back to what they should be doing, Alex put his half empty mug on the table and left the cabin. The car was still there so that meant Lincoln had probably gone to the lake. Alex couldn’t think of anything else to do around here. Christ, he hoped Lincoln hadn’t drowned in it as tired as he had looked.

Alex walked slowly because his body still felt a bit cramped. He tried to take in as much as he could around him. He was free. Free of the fucking drug. That specter no longer had him in its grip. The only thing now was to remain free. He owed Lincoln more than he liked to admit.
The lake came up when he rounded a few trees. He didn’t see Lincoln right away because he was watching the water.

A soft sound to his right made him turn his head around.
Lincoln stood in front of a tree. Shirtless and his back still dripping wet, droplets sliding down the waistband of his jeans. His left hand was positioned against the trunk, arm straight and he was leaning forward. His right hand was, well, there was no doubt in what he was doing with that one. So much for drowning.

Alex wanted to leave right away, but his feet didn’t move. He felt uncomfortable, intruding, yet his trousers became tight. He couldn’t believe his own reactions. This was so improper, so wrong. Lincoln had earned his right to have some private moments. He didn’t need Alex standing around like some…

Just as Alex willed his feet to move Lincoln said in a low voice, oddly breaking, “you want to join me?”

He shouldn’t. He could make a long list why he shouldn’t, so many reasons why this was a bad idea. Still, he moved forward instead of back. Lincoln’s hand had stilled as if he was waiting for Alex. Alex came to a stop to Lincoln’s right and looked him straight in the eyes. Then, his eyes roamed downwards to Lincoln’s exposed cock.

It was large. He knew it wasn’t true that big men had big cocks, but Lincoln *was* big in every way. Alex could match him. So good… stiff, engorged… leaking. Lincoln turned his front a bit, towards Alex. His chest heaved, eyes darker than Alex had ever seen. Alex closed his eyes; God, could he get any more turned on by this?

Lincoln moved. His hand was on Alex’s trousers, tugging on his shirt. He then pulled down the zipper on Alex’s pants and deftly reached inside. He didn’t hesitate, just went for his goal. A moan escaped Alex’s lips when he felt the warm, slick hand close around his cock. Lincoln didn’t move, but just held him. Alex still didn’t open his eyes. He listened to the sound of their breathing, perfectly in sync. He could imagine Lincoln watching his face. He did it so often after all, to gauge Alex’s reaction.

Then, Lincoln’s left hand grabbed Alex’s and pulled it toward his mouth. The moment Lincoln’s tongue hit the palm of Alex’s hand his eyes shot open and stared right into Lincoln’s. There was no smile, no ridicule. Although he seemed particularly horny he also had an uncompromising look in his eyes. Alex had no other word for it.

He held Lincoln’s gaze as he continued to lick Alex’s palm and started to move his hand on Alex’s cock. Alex swallowed. This shouldn’t feel so good, not when… he wanted to close his eyes again, but somehow it felt wrong to do to that to Lincoln. His mind was plummeting and he couldn’t help but look to his groin where his cock slid back and forth in Lincoln Burrows’ fist.

In a haze of lust he felt a pull on his left hand again. Down, to Lincoln’s… Lincoln’s hand put Alex’s on his own dick, closed his hand around Alex’s who shifted his eyes from his cock to Lincoln’s. It was fucking great. He started moving his hand in the same rhythm that Lincoln had set. He reveled in the feeling of such a foreign cock in his hand, but it didn’t feel awkward. It was like watching live porn. After a while, he couldn’t take it anymore and his eyes searched out Lincoln’s face again.

He didn’t know who started to come first; he didn’t care. White hot pleasure blinded him like a cocaine hit.

Lincoln closed his eyes when he shot his cum over Alex’s hand and against the tree, not making a sound even though his mouth was partly open. Alex hummed low and long as he did the same. When it was over, the only sound that was left was their breathing.

He came back to earth, finding his hand was still on Lincoln’s softening cock. Lincoln’s was still on Alex’s. He pulled away and Lincoln copied the gesture. The remnants of their seed were mixed on the tree bark, dribbling down onto the ground. Lincoln turned and walked to the water, washing his hands and as was becoming a logical occurrence between them, Alex did the same.

They sat there, side by side with wet hands. “So this is an example of prison life?” Alex softly said. Lincoln shot him a glance. His eyes had a spark in them. His lips curled up and he stood. He started laughing loudly as he walked away.

“Take a dip, Alex. I’ll bring you some towels; I’m sure you forgot.” Alex smiled.