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Author's Chapter Notes:
As always, beta by the Fab Fox:-)
The sizzle is about to be 'upped':D
Alex took off his clothes and folded them neatly on a nearby log. The water was cold, but Alex didn’t really care about that. It was more of a luxury than he had had in Sona. A bath was a bath, even if it wasn’t that warm. He lost himself swimming, still feeling very relaxed after his… whatever it was he had just experienced with Lincoln Burrows. He supposed he could call it sex.

Lincoln probably called it scratching an itch. God, he was insane.

He swam to the middle of the lake and back. Making a few tracks from left to right until he felt his left arm beginning to smart. He was still a bit sore from just about everything he’d experienced these past few days. Not to mention tired as hell. He should get out of the water and do what he was here for. He looked at the shore and found Lincoln sitting next to Alex’s clothes. He’d brought the towel he’d promised, but hadn’t left. He was watching Alex.

It would be extremely awkward if Alex waited in the water and Lincoln made no move to leave. Alex snorted to himself. Whatever Lincoln’s game was Alex wasn’t playing. Aside from... earlier. He slowly swam to the shore and walked out without batting an eyelid.

Lincoln appeared to be looking at him, but wasn’t, not really. When Alex came closer and had a chance to examine Lincoln’s expression it wasn’t a lecherous one. Lincoln seemed absentminded, not really there. Alex doubted he realized that Alex Mahone was standing next him, naked.

Alex didn’t wait long for a response and grabbed the towel from Lincoln’s hands. That got a reaction. Lincoln almost jumped out of his skin; he really had been day dreaming, although from the look on his face it wasn’t a nice one. Then Lincoln looked at Alex, really looked at him and an expression of shock, and something else that Alex couldn’t quite place, crossed his face.

“I’m-” Lincoln didn’t continue, but let his eyes roam Alex’s body up and down before he stood and walked to the water. He shoved his hands in his pockets and gave Alex some privacy. The towel was large, an emblem from the ‘Tamalpais hotel’ sewn on it. Had Lincoln stolen hotel towels now? Alex shook his head in disapproval, while letting the towel do its work, drying off his chest and arms first.

“Michael reacted badly to Sara’s death,” Lincoln suddenly said.

Alex didn’t know what to say to that. He didn’t have to think long though. Lincoln wasn’t finished.

“He said that I withheld her death from him to make sure he would still break out.”

Suddenly Lincoln seemed very small. He hung his head and pulled his right hand out of his pocket. He seemed to pluck at his shirt, but Alex wasn’t sure. “He’s... upset that I tried to manipulate him for LJ. He thinks I thought he wouldn’t do it for LJ alone.”

Alex dried himself absentmindedly, his mind on the man by the water. “Did you?” He threw the towel aside and picked up a pair of clean boxers that lay on top of his clothes. That hadn’t been there before. Lincoln, probably. He wouldn’t have done something as small as that if he still-

“I… I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. Everything’s going to hell.”

Lincoln sounded positively at his wits end. Only a few days ago their roles had been reversed. Alex stood still for a moment, feeling awkward. He wasn’t the right person for this, but-

He walked up to Lincoln and paused next to him, following his gaze. “You still have a son, Lincoln. So have I. We *can’t* let it go to hell for their sakes.” Alex looked sideways; Lincoln’s face was naked, stripped of all defenses, all emotions laid bare for all to see. Alex felt as if he was intruding.

He briefly clasped Lincoln’s right shoulder, giving him a soft pat on the back. He was about to turn to his clothes when Lincoln inclined his head, his eyes burning right into Alex’s. He nodded ever so slightly, but it was his gaze that was Alex’s undoing. He cursed the day he’d ever heard of Lincoln Burrows, broke their eye contact and quickly dressed. There was work to be done.


Alex had made some coffee and was working on his notes in the shack when Lincoln returned from his walk near the lake. As was common now, he opened the door and waited there for a couple of ticks before he moved further into the cabin.

“I’m going to Sona,” Lincoln said. He still sounded lost, not in control.

Alex put his pencil down and left his chair. “Lincoln, you need to shake whatever it is that you’re feeling. We need to be sharp now.” ‘Nothing can cloud our thoughts’ he wanted to add, but didn’t for some reason.

Lincoln looked down at his hands, wringing them together as if he stood next to a fire and needed to warm himself, even though it was hot outside. “I know; you don’t need to tell me. What is it you need?” Lincoln shot back, some fire in his words. That was good.

“Study the jeeps outside Sona. Write down every color and detail. After that, drive to every scrap yard you can find and get us a jeep or truck, though I prefer a jeep. Talk to Michael about the power cut he wants. Tell him to find out which company they use. We’ll take care of the rest when he gives us the time of the breakout and…
propose this.” Alex handed Lincoln a piece of paper on which he had scrawled a formula he remembered from basic training. Michael should be able to find all the components around Sona easily. He could make a simple bomb with this if he needed a distraction or protection…

Lincoln grabbed the note, but didn’t put it away. Instead he closed his hand around Alex’s. The gesture, the feeling, forced Alex to look Lincoln in the eye again. “Thank you,” Lincoln said and Alex’s hand slipped free. Then Lincoln was gone.

Alex was left with a distinct, familiar feeling. It was like twenty years ago all over again. Before Pam… But Lincoln Burrows wasn’t his tactics professor from Fort Benning and Alex wasn’t that fresh faced cadet anymore. He wasn’t starved of somebody kind and gentle. Loving touches, evenings by a fire, just to be held… Even if he was, it was..was...

With a sigh, he put his past out of his mind and made another cup of coffee. Back to the wall. A car, house, passports. What else would they need after the escape attempt? He’d get it. Together with Lincoln.

And when Lincoln Junior was safe and sound, the company wasn’t going to be. Alex still knew how to use a gun.

He had been working steadily for hours, but found his mind kept drifting to Lincoln. He didn’t want to analyze why, but it made him feel uncomfortable and yet comfortable at the same time. There was somebody, somebody who-. He dropped his hand and rubbed his leg. Damn it, he almost felt as if he had another dependency. His situation was unhealthy and so was any attachment to Lincoln Burrows. He couldn’t allow it. Any psychiatrist would tell them the same.

He pinned a note on the wall and saw his hand shaking a bit. Great, just what he needed. The car breached the sound of silence and Alex tore his eyes away from his shakes. His heart was beating faster and he wondered why.

“Great going, Mahone. If Pam could see you now.” He mumbled to himself and closed his eyes as he thought of Pam. ‘God honey, I’m so sorry’. He leaned against the wall like Lincoln had leaned against that tree earlier. He didn’t know what had screwed him up more. The entire debacle with the killings and the company, Pam…his sweet Pam, the uncertainty of his son’s condition, the drugs and… or…

A warm hand squeezed his shoulder. “Alex? Are you all right?”

A flash of that hand squeezing him somewhere else came to mind. Alex took a deep breath and exhaled. He opened his eyes and turned around, facing Lincoln. “Yes, just a temporary setback.”

Lincoln’s eyes shifted downwards, to Alex’s hand. He nodded. “You’ll be feeling those for some time, man. You’ll deal.” He sounded confident. No trace of his earlier melancholy and sadness. Lincoln walked over to the table and put a small brown bag down.

“I brought a few beers and hot food. One beer should be okay for you, probably be best if you steered clear of more than that a day. Had them pack the food in one of those special thermos boxes. It’s hot in more ways than one.” Alex raised an eyebrow in question and Lincoln barked out a laugh, “Yeah, I’ve worked on your orders as well. Sit down and I’ll tell you about it.”

That Lincoln had gone out of his way to get him hot food oddly pleased Alex. He rubbed his neck with his right hand before he went to the table. While Lincoln was outside getting more supplies from the car Alex opened the brown bag and took out two beers. Cold. It seemed that Lincoln put a cool box in his car as well. He opened both bottles on the table edge and took a swig.

Lincoln chose that moment to enter and closed the door with his foot. “Good?”

Alex nodded and looked at the beer label. “Some sort of cheap local brew?”

Lincoln smirked and shrugged.

They unpacked the food box together. It was Chinese, complete with chopsticks which Lincoln threw aside right away. Five minutes later they were eating with forks and Alex’s stomach growled with satisfaction.

“So, I’ve found you a jeep,” Lincoln said halfway through dinner.

Alex looked up. “Is it in working order? Can you get it here?”

Lincoln chewed a piece of chicken, or at least, Alex thought that’s what they were eating. The amount of chili pepper made it hard to discern.

“Yeah, it’s working, but barely. I can probably tweak it a bit when I get it here. I’ve made arrangements with the owner to pick it up tomorrow afternoon. I’ve also found a paint shop, but I don’t know; should I buy all the paint at one shop?”

Alex pushed his empty plate away and folded his arms, watching Lincoln eat a second helping. “Good thinking; no, that wouldn’t be smart. Make Sucre buy half. Two different men won’t stir up suspicion. And Lincoln-”

Lincoln stopped eating, fork midair; it almost made Alex smile. “How capable is that Susan of yours?”

The question made Lincoln swallow, his lips forming a grimace. Alex thought he might have spit out the food if he didn’t like it so much. “She kills, taunts and tortures people. She cut off Sara’s head. I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for.” Lincoln spoke and locked his jaw after that. He was seriously annoyed, probably just from the mention of her name.

“Could she get us cash?” Alex asked.

Lincoln raised an eyebrow. “Why?” His annoyance was already fading.

Alex sighed, inclining his head sideways to gaze at Lincoln who had stopped eating. “We have to think past the escape. We need to get our hands on some fake passports on the street; I want to buy some plane tickets to a location far away from here to throw people off. A car here and there, some rentals- all of that needs cash.”

Lincoln held Alex’s gaze a little bit too long before he answered. “I don’t know why she would give us money for that. I could whip up a story about the escape, but maybe-” He tore his eyes from Alex’s and stared at a spot on the wall. He was probably none too happy about having to deal with Susan again. He dragged his hand across his scalp, soft hair growing back. Alex wondered if Lincoln was going to let it grow. “I might get us some fake IDs. I know a guy in the States who owes me a favor. Could let him send it to a village nearby.”

Alex nodded and grabbed the dirty dishes. They were done with eating and he needed to do something. “All right, can you contact him as soon as you can? The break is only a few days away.”

Lincoln clenched his jaw and then unclenched it. “I know man; you don’t have to remind me.”

Of course not. Alex put the dishes in the sink next to the rickety toilet. Lincoln rasped in his throat, “I won’t be staying here tonight.” Alex’s head whipped up at that and he found himself staring into Lincoln’s green eyes again. “Susan wants to meet and I might… I could.”
Lincoln grimaced and swallowed as if there was bile in his throat. “She’s been wanting to get into my pants since day one. Maybe she would… if it could persuade her to give me the money-”

Alex understood what Lincoln was trying to say. He didn’t like it, but he might be right. Buttering up this Susan wouldn’t be a bad idea and she would know that Lincoln didn’t want to do it. To a woman like her that would be a power kick. “That will be hard on you, Lincoln. Beyond the call of-”

Lincoln smiled a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. “We’ve all done things these past few months-”

Alex looked away. Yes, they had. “Do you need me to... Do you need any physical-”

It wasn’t needed. She’d already seen the hickeys, noticed Lincoln’s gait. No more *evidence* for Lincoln’s *supposed* love for cock was needed. Alex felt stupid for even asking.

“Yeah. My neck, maybe graze… graze my chest.” Lincoln spoke softly.

Alex blinked. They were pushing boundaries. This wasn’t necessary. Alex tried to get his mind to work to resist this farce, but all he could think of was a warm body in his arms. He walked up to Lincoln and unbuttoned the last few buttons of his shirt. Their eyes locked during that time and Alex dragged it out. He took too long and slowly pushed the shirt off Lincoln’s shoulders. It wasn’t mechanical, it shouldn’t be an act of... Their breaths mixed and Alex’s hand roamed Lincoln’s side, feeling, feeling his…

Caught in the lie, but still wanting to pretend, Alex turned Lincoln around so he could plaster himself against his back. His arms reached around the warm body, one up the muscled chest, the other over Lincoln’s belly. Slowly caressing, exploring the wide expanse of flesh. A sigh escaped Alex’s mouth. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.
His mouth found its way to Lincoln’s shoulders, his neck. Alex kissed every bit of exposed skin he could put his lips on. Sucking a bit, licking, biting… marking. Lincoln grabbed one of Alex’s hands and sucked a finger into his mouth. Alex groaned against Lincoln’s skin. His free hand got to Lincoln’s left nipple. He grazed it at first and then used his nails to make a trail around it. Digging deep and then just skimming. It would leave a mark.

Lincoln shuddered, or maybe Alex did when Lincoln’s tongue treated his finger as if it was his cock. Lincoln’s other hand moved downwards and Alex could imagine what Lincoln wanted to do with that. Alex closed his eyes, lost in the sensation of tasting Lincoln’s skin and feeling him tremble. Alex’s cock pressing against his pants, he wanted to grind against Lincoln. Lincoln’s…

His eyes shot open. Christ what were they doing! Alex hesitated for a moment. Lincoln stopped working on his finger. It was silent save for their breathing. Alex concentrated on it. They were in perfect harmony as Lincoln released Alex’s finger and panted in a whisper, “Will she know?”

Alex nodded, dragging his lips softly over Lincoln’s right shoulder, his hands falling away from Lincoln’s chest. “She’ll know.”

They stood like that, catching their breath, not quite touching and willing down raging hearts, among other things, before Lincoln walked out of the door. The car didn’t leave for another ten minutes. Alex couldn’t find the strength to work on the wall for another hour.