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Author's Chapter Notes:
As always, beta by Foxriverinmate:D
Alex continued like that for a long time, taking care that Lincoln didn’t drift off and getting him warm. It started to become hard though. Alex was incredibly tired himself and now that things had gotten cozy and warm like this it was almost unbearable.

“Lincoln? Are you still with me?” Alex spoke, his lips almost touching Lincoln’s ear. The man in his arms did feel warmer. He hoped Lincoln hadn’t succumbed to the same problem Alex battled and actually fallen asleep. “Lincoln?”

A soft cough rattled Lincoln’s body. “Yeah.”

That sounded more coherent than it had before. Encouraged, Alex stopped his motions on Lincoln’s chest. He had been doing it on automatic but now that he’d stopped, his hand actually felt numb. He reached for Lincoln’s hand with his left hand; the one without the pins and needles. It still felt cold, but not as much as it had before. He checked for Lincoln’s pulse. It was still a bit erratic, but acceptable.

“I’ll quickly hop out to heat you some warm water,” Alex said as he retreated and silently mourned the lack of Lincoln Burrows against his chest. He shook it off, took a blanket and wrapped himself up in it. He made sure Lincoln’s back was covered with blankets and walked over to the table to once again work with the boiler.

He soon remembered that they were running out of bottles of water and needed groceries. They had worries around every turn it seemed.

When the water was in the boiler, he turned to look at Lincoln. His eyes were closed, eyelashes quivering a bit. He had pulled the blankets up to his chin, part of his hand visibly clenching them.

Alex felt a rush of something he hadn’t felt it in a long time. He just, he… he didn’t regret that he’d chosen to save Lincoln. Not one bit. He’d made a decision for which he felt no regret. It was a novelty in his life and looking at Lincoln he just… just.

The water was boiling. Alex looked for the mugs and found them near their bed. He had forgotten he’d made soup before, but it was cold now. He threw Lincoln’s half away, rinsed the mug with some water and dried it with a paper towel then poured hot water into it. He briefly contemplated giving it to Lincoln like this, but decided against it. Maybe a small taste of coffee would help. He put one spoon of instant coffee in the mug, stirred it and stepped closer to his charge.

Alex put the mug down next to Lincoln to let it cool a bit and then went to look for clean socks. He found a couple of pairs in one of the brown bags. New. He pulled on a pair himself, which felt incredibly good, and then went back to Lincoln. Alex pulled a little bit of the blankets away uncovering Lincoln’s feet. Both were still freezing cold and Alex quickly put the socks on them. He then started to rub them, hoping to bring circulation back.

Lincoln let go of a sound that sounded a bit like a moan. At least it was a sign he was still aware on some level what happened to his body. That was good.

After a few minutes, Alex put the blankets back and moved to Lincoln’s head. He kneeled on the floor, his left hand cupping Lincoln’s head.

Lincoln’s eyes fluttered open at the touch. ”You need to drink a bit more, Lincoln,” Alex said softly. Lincoln feebly shook his head a bit, but Alex crouched closer, pushing and pulling him against his body. “Come on.” Alex put the mug against Lincoln’s lips and made him drink a little. Lincoln did, but slowly and sluggishly.

Alex put the mug away again and maneuvered Lincoln back so he could lie down. He then aligned himself to Lincoln’s body. His front this time, chest to chest and groin to icy groin. Alex pressed against Lincoln as much as he could and shivered. His arms snaked around the body in his arms; one on Lincoln’s back and one… He cupped Lincoln’s right buttock without really understanding why.

“Roll on top of me a bit, Linc.” He whispered as he felt Lincoln’s face burrow into his neck. Alex wiggled until he was partly on his back with Lincoln draped over him. All the blankets covered Lincoln’s back and Alex hoped this would warm him up to the degree he needed.

Alex realized again that he hadn’t said Lincoln, but Linc. Cursing himself he tried to stay awake.

Unfortunately, his body got to him. He still was not well with his cravings hounding him and his recently battered limbs not sorted out yet. After what had to be hours, he started to fall. The sun was rising, its beams caressing through the wood as both Alex and Lincoln fell asleep.

Alex awoke with a start. He heard the rise and fall of somebody breathing; Lincoln. A warm body in his arms; Lincoln’s. A meaty piece of flesh against his groin; Lincoln’s. Alex opened his eyes and came face to face with Lincoln’s face. He’d obviously fallen back a bit, head on their shared pillow, but not too far away since Alex was still holding him trapped against his body, blankets helping him. Alex stared at Lincoln’s face. He had been dreaming. Thank god it was just a dream. He was here.

He let his hands roam. Lincoln felt warm. Very nicely warm and his body noticed. “Good morning to you too,” Lincoln said, his voice muffled because his mouth was partly hidden in the pillow and yet so very close to Alex’s mouth. Alex could see his lips curving into a smile and then Lincoln’s eyes opened. “Why are we sharing a bed, naked?”

Alex couldn’t help but answer Lincoln’s smile and answered in a husky voice he couldn’t stop, “glad that it was so memorable.”

Lincoln’s brow furrowed as if he was thinking and then something changed in his eyes. The smile disappeared too. “I got fucked up,” Lincoln stated.

Alex nodded, becoming increasingly aware he was still holding Lincoln close and was half-hard. “That you did,” Alex confirmed, still not letting go. He wanted to see what Lincoln would do.

Lincoln’s eyes shifted to something behind Alex then downwards to the semi-erection he couldn’t see because of the blankets and then back to Alex’s face. His tongue darted out, wetting his lips, almost touching Alex’s mouth and Alex suddenly feared what else Lincoln had remembered. “Why didn’t you let me die?”

It was like a cold shower and Alex backed off, let go of Lincoln’s body and climbed to his feet. He didn’t care he was naked. It wasn’t as if Lincoln didn’t know what a naked man looked like. He needed coffee. That’s what it was.

“Alex?” Lincoln rumbled behind him.

Alex didn’t want to have this conversation, damn the man. He poured the last bottle of water into the boiler and pressed the button.

“We’re going to need groceries and that jeep needs to be driven here,” Alex said before he turned and looked at Lincoln. Lincoln was propped up on an elbow; the blankets had fallen down, revealing his muscled chest. Lord, he looked like some porn model. It was criminal how the man was able to look this good when he’d almost frozen to death half a day earlier.

Alex dragged a hand across his face and finally answered. “I wanted to.”

If Lincoln thought anything about that he didn’t show it. “But you didn’t,” Lincoln said roughly.

Alex sighed, nodded and looked down at his hands. “But I didn’t.” He stood still. The boiler was the only sound in the shack save their breathing. He wondered what Lincoln would say or do.

Lincoln stood, naked as well obviously, and walked up to Alex. “I guess that means I’ll have to adjust my opinion of you again,” Lincoln said his voice rough and low. “Alex…” he added and coughed a little, which made Alex look up at his face.

His eyes were a bit watery. God knows what had been in that water. For all they knew Lincoln could have picked up a virus or some bacteria. Alex swallowed when Lincoln’s hand shot out and came to rest on his right bicep and stroked him a little. “Alex…”

Then Lincoln hugged him, just a close and fierce hug. Alex couldn’t remember when he’d had one of those.

“Thank you for not dying,” He found himself saying as he became conscious again of the hard-on that wouldn’t go away.

A soft rumble vibrated through Lincoln’s body and so touched Alex. “Thank you for not letting me.” He let go and they backed off. Lincoln was smiling again and the boiler added some water music. It was every bit as farcical as their situation and Alex smiled too.

“Coffee?” Alex asked, trying to sound nonchalant.
Lincoln nodded, scratching his groin. “Yeah, I’ll get dressed and get that jeep then.”

Alex glanced at the watch on the table, still partly covered with mud. “One day left so we’d better start working hard.” When he got no answer, but knew that Lincoln hadn’t moved, he let the hot water where it was and turned back to his companion to see what the holdup was.

Lincoln’s gaze had travelled from Alex’s face to his groin and his smile had gotten even bigger. “Yeah we should,” Lincoln finally said and he closed in, plastered himself to Alex’s right side and took Alex’s erection in his hand.

Alex was caught off guard so much he didn’t know if he should breathe or hold it in. Lincoln’s fist fit perfectly, just like it had down at the lake, his entire body felt like a glove against his back, his hip, everything.

Lincoln tugged relentlessly, giving Alex no chance to regain his composure and then started to suck on Alex’s neck. Alex let out a helpless keen; Lincoln’s tongue caressed him, his other hand gripping Alex’s hip tightly. This started to go beyond a friendly romp. Fuck it was -
He came hard against Lincoln’s leg within a minute and sagged. Lincoln helped him sit down on a chair as Alex’s come dribbled down his skin.

“Seemed like you needed that,” Lincoln said with a self-satisfied smirk. Alex couldn’t help but look at Lincoln’s cock, which hadn’t risen to the occasion at all.

Lincoln shrugged. “It’s okay. Cold water does me in sometimes. I’ll take a rain check.” He turned and strolled to the corner were their fresh clothes were as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Alex wanted to curse. A life and death situation, sleeping naked with a man, something he hadn’t done in ages and now… he had to get that coffee made.

They’d quickly eaten half of a bagel each, the only one that was left from yesterday’s batch, and downed it with coffee. Alex cleaned up as Lincoln went out to get the jeep. Although it worried Alex he held it in. It had to be done anyway and he was losing time with all these emotional outbursts. His son needed him and he was still hanging around in Panama. He contemplated if it had something to do with withdrawal symptoms, but he didn’t want to ask Lincoln.

Before long, Lincoln arrived with the jeep, looking quite sober and serious. He jumped out and walked to the car. “I don’t know what came over me. We don’t have the time for this shit.” He leaned against the car; head bowed and hitting the roof twice with his fist. “I’ll get those groceries and swing by… Susan. Can you get started with the jeep?”

Alex left the door opening. “Yes, but-”

Lincoln opened the door. “Good, I’ll get those passports too, don’t worry. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” He practically jumped in the car and drove off before the car door had even closed.

Alex was stunned for a moment and then looked at the jeep. It was covered with mud on one side. That meant he had to clean it before painting it.
He turned and went inside to get the materials needed for that wonderful job.

Alex was almost finished; his back hurt like a bitch on speed and night was falling when the car came into view. He dotted the last spot of paint in the twilight and was glad to be done with it. Paint always got him high, for lack of a better word.

Lincoln got out and from the look on his face Alex surmised he hadn’t had a happy trip. His eyes looked watery still and he coughed twice when he closed the door after getting out their groceries. He stalked inside, dumped the bags on the table, turned and headed towards Alex.

For the second time that day, Lincoln totally surprised him when he slammed him against the wall, looked at him with an unreadable expression in his eyes and kissed him; hard. Alex grabbed Lincoln’s biceps, still deciding if he should push him away or not, but then Lincoln’s tongue pried his lips open, seeking entry.

Alex capitulated when he felt Lincoln’s probing and soon his tongue was battling an invader. It was messy, hasty and rough. Alex didn’t have time to think, especially not when Lincoln pulled back, eyes dark, and asked, “Have you ever been fucked before?”

Alex mouth went dry and this time he did push against Lincoln’s biceps. Lincoln let him, his forehead resting against Alex’s, closing his eyes. “Please, Alex.”

Alex’s brain was screaming now, saying that this was *not* a rain check. Hell, Lincoln should be grateful and offer, not *take*, but other areas of Alex’s body had a different opinion. Lincoln’s hand went down, massaging Alex through his trousers, manipulating ever so slightly. “I brought condoms and lube,” Lincoln said in a low, half whisper.

Alex puffed out something that sounded like a soft laugh. “Fuck you, Burrows.”

Lincoln smiled and took Alex’s lower lip in his mouth, sucking on it and then letting go. “No, not this time.”

He turned Alex around and Alex let him. He undid his fly and pushed down Alex’s pants and Alex let him. Alex almost clenched his buttocks when he felt Lincoln’s big and calloused fingers in areas nobody had touched since Tom. Still, he let him do it.

When Lincoln pulled back his fingers he pushed Alex’s head against the shack wall and angled his ass so he was standing partly bowed for deeper penetration, Alex finally started to realize what they were doing, but he still let Lincoln do it. Then, when Lincoln’s cock pushed between Alex’s ass cheeks and beyond, Alex had to bite the inside of his cheek and Lincoln stilled. That cock was much bigger than Tom’s had been and Alex had trouble adjusting.

Lincoln brought his mouth to Alex’s ear and licked it. “You’re tight, Alex. You’re so fucking tight. You’re cutting off my dick. Try to relax,” Lincoln husked.

Alex shuddered and tried to control his breathing to something less harsh. He couldn’t control his heartbeat though. “You’d better suck me later,” he groaned out, letting go of some of the tension, and Lincoln laughed softly, rumbling again. It was a sound Alex was getting used to and liked a little too much.

Lincoln grabbed one of Alex’s hands and held it against Alex’s chest as his other one grabbed Alex’s hip. “I will and I’ll make this good too.” He slid in all the way with one sharp move and it hurt, it fucking burned only to burst out into stars seconds later. It slammed the breath out of Alex's lungs before they'd really begun.

Lincoln started moving, in and out, like Alex had fucked others so many times before, but never against the wall of a dingy shack wall. Never with somebody he had chased all over the country. Never with somebody who knew so many of his dirty secrets and had helped him with his withdrawal. Only once with somebody else who he’d –

It was getting dark outside. Lincoln was grunting against his back. Alex’s cock was leaking onto the ground. Pam was with them and Alex really didn’t want her to be.