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Author's Chapter Notes:
Beta by Foxriverinmate
Alex was biting his lip, holding in his breathing and trying to deal with the overload of pleasure and pain. He couldn’t remember it being like this with Tom. Maybe it was the situation or maybe it was just the man pumping inside of him, plundering his ass with his big dick, but –

“I’m going to come,” Lincoln breathed out with a moan. He let go of Alex’s hand and drifted down to Alex’s crotch. He grabbed Alex’s weeping cock and for a moment Alex wanted to choke out that Lincoln had promised him a blowjob. He couldn’t really begin to care though. Not when he felt so good, so alive, so full. Lincoln’s mouth had found Alex’s shoulder again and was sucking on his flesh, wet, messy.

Lincoln tried to match his movements inside Alex’s ass with his hand on Alex’s cock. Alex had enough presence of mind left to feel that, but they were both too far gone in that well of pleasure. Finally and yet unexpectedly, they came hard and within seconds of each other. One shot his seed into a condom and the other on wood and ground. They slid down on the sand together; sand mixed with Alex’s come.

Alex slowly came down to earth. His breathing was loud in his ears, but it was surpassed by Lincoln’s who leaned back against the wall and pulled Alex into his arms. It appeared Lincoln was a maudlin cuddler after sex. Maybe he hadn’t gotten his brain to work yet or he would surely start thinking about who he had in his arms.

Alex started to feel uncomfortable. He was sore, his legs were tangled in his pants and he felt dirty. What would Pam think? What would she say? She had known about Tom, but he never had other men. It had been a onetime thing, or so he thought. What the hell was he doing with Lincoln Burrows? Not to mention that he let him fuck him.

“Alex,” Lincoln said softly against Alex’s neck and he coughed. “I’m sorry.”

Sorry? Alex couldn’t hide his surprise and turned around to face Lincoln, making Lincoln drop his arms to his sides. “What for?”

“I forced you. I normally… I don’t,” Lincoln muttered, almost babbled, and Alex was glad he did. It was just what he needed to let go of the tension.

Alex laughed as he tried to get up, pulling his pants back on again. “Lincoln, you didn’t force me. You surprised me, but if I really didn’t want to do this you would have known.” He looked down, seeing Lincoln sitting a bit forlornly, pants down to his knees, a used condom tossed aside and limp cock nestled against his legs. Alex held out his hand to help him up. “Come on, we’ll quickly wash the dirt off in the lake and then we’ll warm up. You still have to be careful that you don’t cool down.”
That made Lincoln smirk although his eyes still looked sad. Alex wondered what had set him off earlier. Susan probably. Most definitely worry for his son. “All right, you’re the boss,” Lincoln said and he took Alex’s hand as he pulled up his pants with the other. Soon they were off to the lake and Alex was afraid to look beyond today. What if they couldn’t crawl out of the hole they were digging for themselves?


They spent the night together. No sex, just lying together, staying warm. They had gone to bed early so they would have a head start in the morning. In reality, Alex knew that they would both be awake for a large part of the night. Adrenaline, fear, anxiety all warring inside of them. Tomorrow everything would change when they left the shack for good. He didn’t want to think about it and yet he did the whole night with not a thought spared for the breakout.


That morning came fast. They cleaned up their things clinically and without words. The atmosphere between them had already changed. Hearts racing; thoughts all over the place. Alex threw as many of their possessions onto the fire outside as he could. Anything that could point to their presence or their plans needed to be snuffed out. Lincoln had gone to drive the car they’d used into the lake. When he’d returned he had gone back inside again to change.

Alex was burning the last pieces of newspaper when Lincoln exited the shack, dressed in a guard’s uniform matching Alex’s. Alex couldn’t hide a smile when he saw the first two buttons undone.

“What?” Lincoln spoke for the first time since they’d woken up.

Alex pointed to his chest. “Your shirt. Guards don’t unbutton it.”

Lincoln let out some curses under his breath as he buttoned up. Clearly he didn’t like to be confined in a shirt, but his clothing habits had already told Alex that.

When everything was ash, he put the fire out with sand. It was easy and fast. “Do you have everything?” he asked, kicking sand on the smoldering pile. Lincoln nodded, stuffing his hands into his pockets, epitome of masculine toughness. Another bad cough racked Lincoln’s body. Alex didn’t like it. “How bad do you feel?”

Lincoln wiped a hand over his face and shrugged. “Nothing I can’t handle. It’s just a cold or something.”

Alex sighed, turning his body towards him. “It’s not about what you think you can handle. Are you certain you can go through with the plan? Maybe we should swap places.” He knew it was stupid to suggest it the moment the words left his mouth. That’s what you got when you didn’t keep your distance.

He cursed his own stupidity again when Lincoln smiled grimly and coughed again. “You know that Michael won’t respond well to seeing you instead of me,” Lincoln ground out as if it was difficult for him.

Maybe it was nerves or maybe just worry, but Alex blurted it out without thought. “So what is Michael going to say? About you fucking the man who killed your father?”

Lincoln’s face darkened, his fists clenched and Alex expected to be decked. Lincoln unclenched them again however and answered in a low tone. “He certainly wouldn’t ask if it was good… He’s not going to know.”

Alex let out a bark of a laugh. So that’s how it was going to be. “All part of a few days in the shack, right?” He sounded cynical to his own ears. The thought of being nothing more than a warm body irked him more than it should. Lincoln didn’t answer and looked away towards the shack. Alex snorted. “As long as you keep your promise, Lincoln.”

Finally Lincoln gave some sort of a response and nodded. “After LJ is safe.”

He walked to the jeep and opened one door and then walked around to open the driver’s side to get in. The open door was beckoning Alex. He looked down at the sandy hill he’d created. Nothing was burning or smoldering anymore and even if it was the sand would choke the life out of it anyway. He made his way to the jeep and got in. Off to Sona.


About two miles away from Sona, Lincoln stopped the jeep. Alex swallowed the bile he felt coming up and glanced sideways, noticing that Lincoln was stoically looking at the road. This was Alex’s stop. It had been his own plan. He sighed and tentatively let his left hand enclose Lincoln’s right on the steering wheel. He held it for a few seconds and then released it to get out.

Just before he closed the jeep door he heard Lincoln swallow and say roughly, “don’t get caught or-” He didn’t finish the sentence and Alex closed the door.

Alex mirrored Lincoln’s words in his mind and walked away.


Alex had to walk a short distance to the spot where he would meet the boy’s father. What was his name? McGrady or something; the sports fan. Why Michael was bringing him as well was beyond Alex. More people meant bigger risks. On the other hand, maybe Michael had needed the extra pair of hands inside. Lord knows Alex would have done his share of work if he’d been in Sona instead of out.

Nearing the bend in the road he saw a small truck waiting. A man was leaning against it. He might just be old enough to be the boy’s father, but Alex still wasn’t sure. He had to be on his guard.

The man looked uneasy too and suddenly Alex realized it must be the guard uniform. “Ola,” Alex said as he sauntered closer, trying to look uncaring. The man nodded and mumbled a reply. “What are you doing out here?” Alex asked, just testing the water a bit.

The man stood, pushing out his chest and meeting him head on. “I am waiting for a fishing buddy.”

The accent was thick, but the words were right. Alex looked around one more time. No signs of an ambush or something bad waiting for him so he held out his hand.

“So am I,” he said as McGrady senior shook hands. A smile now adorned his face. Alex felt the sweat running down his back. It just had to be a damn hot today, didn’t it? His throat was dry and he wished this day was over. “Do you have some water?”

The man hurried to backseat and got what Alex asked for.

As Alex unscrewed the cap McGrady senior continued to look at him eagerly. “Thank you so much for helping me rescue my son, senior. He is innocent. He’s a boy with a future, but they won’t listen. No judge helps.”

For a moment he thought he saw Lincoln in front of him, saying those exact words in a different tone of voice. He shook himself.

“It’s all right. Just let’s get it done fast.” Alex dismissed the man and took one last sip of the wonderful water and walked to the car. He was riding shotgun again it seemed.

It was just a short drive to the power box. They could have decided to disconnect the power by cutting a line somewhere or even knocking a pole over, but Alex liked to do things a little bit more refined. If Susan had done what he had relayed to her through Lincoln, this would work better and be more devastating anyway.

She would cut the power near the power plant on the other side of Sona and the town. He would take this end to make the blow more crippling. Making two cuts meant it would take longer to get all the secondary generators working again. More time was good.

He glanced at his watch; Lincoln would still be standing outside. Alex hoped nobody would get suspicious.

Just five more minutes now.

Sweat beads ran down his face, falling on the watch so Alex used his thumb to wipe the watch clean again. He needed to be absolutely precise; 30 seconds. Susan would have cut her part now. He started counting, whispering out loud. “5…4…3…2…1…” then he cut the wires. He heard whirring and there was no doubt it had worked. He let out a sigh of relief and almost jumped out of his skin when McGrady Senior clapped him on the back.

The man must have felt Alex’s tension because he backed off right away.

“The boat now, yes?” he asked with some apprehension.

Alex wondered what expression the man had seen on Alex’s face and he nodded. He didn’t trust his voice and jumped in the car again, hating the heat that greeted him in the tin can oven.


Naturally, his luck wouldn’t hold. In his mind he saw Lincoln running towards Michael. Leading them to the jeep and then driving to the beach, straight into the water. One of them would have gotten out to get rid of tire tracks and then they would have donned their flask to breathe.

The jeep would have given them a head start. No need to run when you can drive, but he had expected to be at the boat by now. Not driving around in circles because they couldn’t get to the harbor due to fucking roadblocks! He should have realized this. He should have kept McGrady Senior near the harbor. He hit the car door with his fist. It made him think of Lincoln even more.

“One more road I can try. It’s not really a road. Floods a lot.” McGrady Senior said, but Alex barely heard him. He saw Lincoln in the water, hanging onto a buoy, coughing and probably cursing him. Damn it.

He watched silently as the old man maneuvered through the jungle, driving down that road of his. It seemed to work even though it felt like a long way round.

Thirty minutes later than scheduled, they arrived at the marina. Alex jumped out of the car and raced to the boat. He had to force his hand to stay away from the gas stick before McGrady Senior got in as well. Then he sped away.

Another 20 minutes and he saw the buoy. He steered the boat closer, holding back gas when he saw four heads. His heart plummeted from his throat to back where it was supposed to be and he rushed to the side. He could hear coughing already.

“Linc? Take my hand.” He hadn’t even said the last word before he felt Lincoln’s big, wet and cold hand in his. He pulled and saw McGrady Senior from the corner of his eye doing the same thing for his son. Lincoln was heavy and heaving badly. “How are you feeling?” Alex asked, but Lincoln shook his head pointing behind him.

“Michael,” he wheezed and Alex gritted his teeth. He let Lincoln sit down on his own and went to the side again to hold out his hand. It wasn’t Michael who grabbed it though, but Whistler.

“Am I glad to see you guys. We thought you wouldn’t show.” The Australian accent cut through the pregnant air like a knife. McGrady Senior leaned forward to help Michael and Alex took a moment to look their way. Michael looked straight at him. His eyes shone with something that Alex had seen in the mirror a lot these past few years.

He focused on Whistler again. “We ran into some trouble getting to the marina. How long were you in?” His muscles were already straining from pulling Lincoln in. Whistler wasn’t helping much.

“Too long, mate; almost gave up.”

Alex almost wanted to say something cutting, but realized that wouldn’t help. When the man was on the boat, he turned and went back to Lincoln who was still breathing heavily. Alex looked around for the towels they’d brought, took a few paces, grabbed a bundle and was back with his charge within seconds.

Michael arrived about the same time, staring from Alex to Lincoln. “What’s wrong? He wouldn’t tell me.”

It sounded like a demand to Alex’s ears and seeing that this was Michael it probably was. He avoided Michael’s eyes and helped Lincoln out of his upper uniform. He had to get dry, again. “He had an accident two days ago. He shouldn’t have been in the water this long.”

Michael’s hand joined Alex’s to help him with Lincoln who was showing some signs of sulking combined with utter exhaustion. He probably didn’t like the attention or the truth. Maybe both.

“You could have avoided that, couldn’t you, Alex?” Michael said in a level voice, but Alex knew what his eyes looked like. He continued to watch Lincoln, almost caressing Lincoln’s chest as he dried him off. His own chest felt strange looking at Lincoln like this. It was like two days ago all over again. He cursed. He was not climbing out of that hole he dug. He had to try harder.

Alex quickly turned his face away from Lincoln and found Michael’s eyes. It wasn’t an improvement to look at and he forced his hand to move faster drying Lincoln off. Michael’s eyes narrowed and Alex bit back. “I told you we had to deal with some difficulties. Roadblocks.”

Michael’s jaw locked. “You could have switched places.”

He sounded stubborn. Alex knew how he probably felt.

“No we couldn’t have. Would you have followed me out?” Alex answered in the most neutral tone he could muster. Michael’s eyes stayed on him for a few more seconds before he turned and grabbed some towels for himself.

Michael started to dry himself off, but didn’t stop looking at his brother. “That bomb design you gave me looked like it worked. I decided not to use it though.”

Alex didn’t like the baiting. He never should have looked at Michael in the first place.

A cough beside him made him whip his head around. “Why are you drying off me like I’m some baby?” Lincoln rasped, stared into his eyes and added, “I’m fine.” Their hands touched for a moment and Alex’s left Lincoln’s body as soon as he felt Lincoln taking charge himself.

Alex wanted to say something to the contrary, but thought the better of it. “All right. Want to get your son?”

Lincoln smiled and the world lit up. Whistler whined in the distance, “You’re going for the thirty pieces of silver this fast? I’m impressed.”

Michael came closer again and Lincoln seemed a lot more lucid now. He pulled him into an embrace. “Happy that you’re back, little brother,” he said in that low voice that Alex knew so well. He was being dismissed; he knew that and backed off to sit against the railing. To his right father and son were hugging and talking with great love and affection as they were working the boat. To his left Lincoln was smiling; even Michael’s eyes had changed now he was free and with his brother.

“Welcome to my world, Mahone. Still think you’re doing the right thing?” Whistler was suddenly next to him and Alex had to look up to look him in the eye.

Alex snorted. “I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about. I am not in your world and I never will be.”

Whistler sat on his haunches, almost at eye level with Alex now. His thumb wiped his nose as if he was going to tell a secret.

He leaned forward a bit and then whispered, “I know about you two. She told me. You honestly think you two could screw around in that hut without her knowing about it? She’s a smart and dangerous woman. Your man shouldn’t have stayed away from the hotel that much.” There was a smile in Whistler’s eyes and a smug look on his face and Alex wanted to hit him.

“Again, I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Alex ground out. Maybe the guy would take a hint.

He didn’t. “I know guys like that, mate; when they’re in a corner they behave like they’re in prison. Using conduits, some sort of outlet. It’s either violence or sex, but it doesn’t mean anything. He’s just using you. Help me and I’ll help you free yourself from whatever shit he’s holding over your head.”

It sickened Alex that this man thought that…and maybe he was… Alex closed his eyes and then opened them again. “His son is being held by that woman you don’t want to go to. His teenage son. What makes you think I’d rather save you than a young boy?”

Whistler smiled a bigger smile now and looked at the two brothers before he continued his talk. “You threw the son in prison before, didn’t you? Almost sent him to the sharks in gen pop and adult jail time. There is at least one Bagwell in every prison, mate. Guess who would have been on little Lincoln junior as fast as flies on shit?”

Alex swallowed. He was not going to deal in might have beens. “This isn’t the same.”

Whistler patted Alex’s leg as he got up. “Of course it isn’t, mate. This time you have a real choice.” Whistler held out his hands, left and right, as if he was weighing something. “On one side a kid you’ve already condemned or the other side, a man who can help with a lot of things. Like names and… addresses of... certain people.” Whistler winked, as if he was sharing a joke. “Think about it, you know where to find me.”

Whistler sauntered away. Alex indivertibly looked at Lincoln who looked back. There was a question in his eyes, a question Alex couldn’t, didn’t want to answer. Lincoln looked away, focusing on his brother once more, but Alex kept watching him, imagining Pam’s eyes who held a totally different question that Alex *did* know the answer to.