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Author's Chapter Notes:
As always, beta by Foxriverinmate;-)
Just like he had coming to Panama, apparently, Lincoln had arranged transport on a cargo ship to Costa Rica. Once they were there, Michael and LJ would go to join Sucre near some hippie paradise on the west coast while Alex and Lincoln would get on another freighter to San Francisco. Alex had had to stifle a laugh when Lincoln had given him that destination; Frisco.

Michael and LJ had been less than enthusiastic about the plan and even tried to talk Lincoln out of it. Alex had stayed silent through the entire argument, but had listened carefully to what was said. It wasn’t as if they had waited until he was gone. They didn’t try to hide their dislike, so Alex wasn’t about to pretend he didn’t know. He did wonder when the issue that Susan had brought up would bubble to the surface though.

Lincoln had defended his promise to both Michael and LJ, but Alex had a suspicion he was wavering. He didn’t know for sure though and the argument was cut short when they arrived at the docks. Lincoln stomped out, seemingly somewhat angry and Alex found two sets of eyes on him again. Again, they were blaming him.

“If there is something you want to say to me, Michael, please do it,” he snapped with annoyance. He’d had it with the innuendo and vengeful looks.

Michael opened the door, got out and then opened Alex’s. Alex didn’t get out, but just inclined his head. “Linc isn’t well,” Michael ground out and Alex thought he probably even didn’t want to say that. Having a conversation at all with Alex must have been revolting to him. “What really happened? Why he is he so loyal to you?”

Alex could hear the unspoken question, ‘is it the sex’ or maybe… Alex got out now, passing Michael and heading straight to the dock where Lincoln was waiting, but he stopped for a moment, his eyes finding a spot on the ground. “I already told you he had an accident. He... was bad off for a while. He got better, but I think there might be some leftover problem he’s hiding.” Alex stuffed his right hand in his pocket. “As for his *loyalty*, I think you overestimate that. We made a deal, that’s it. If you want to know more I suggest you ask him.”

Alex stalked over to Lincoln who was staring into the water. Alex could hear him hold a cough in. It sounded bad. He also noticed that he held his chest. His annoyance flew right out of the window and he couldn’t stop himself from laying his hand on Lincoln’s lower back. “Hey, you okay?” he asked.

Another cough rattled Lincoln’s body. “Yeah, just a bad - must be something in the air.”

Alex saw him lie, but let him get away with it for now. Lincoln turned to look at Alex, causing Alex’s hand to slip to Lincoln’s hip and Alex experienced a rush of fear. Lincoln’s eyes were red-rimmed and teary, presumably from coughing.

“LJ and Mike coming?” he asked, pretending nothing was wrong.

“Yeah, we’re right here.” LJ’s voice cut through the air. Alex ignored them, but let his hand slip from Lincoln’s hip all the same.

Lincoln nodded and moved up the ramps, his son hot on his trail. “He looks worse every minute,” Alex mumbled more to himself than to Michael.

Michael answered anyway. “And yet you want to take him on some revenge trip.” He passed Alex without looking at him.

Well shit, what was he supposed to do now?

They left Panama behind them within an hour and the ship got to the ocean quite fast. Alex leaned against the railing, watching the coast disappear when a cough behind him warned him of Lincoln’s approach. “Alex?”

Alex continued to look at Panama. This was quite a moment, being rid of that hell hole of a country. “Yes?”

Lincoln came to stand beside him and leaned against the railing as well, both arms resting on the metal separating the deck from a plunge into the water. “The captain got us two cabins. Michael and LJ don’t want to bunk with you. They have this idea we can take a cabin with the three of us, but I don’t want to deprive them of a good bed. Would you mind?”

Alex frowned; what the hell was he asking now? “You’re asking me if I would be okay with you sleeping in the same cabin as I sleep in?”

He could see Lincoln shrug from the corner of his eye. “Just thought I’d give you a choice.”

Alex let out a bark of a laugh. “You had your cock up my ass a day ago, Linc; we shared the same mattress, the same cabin for days. Why ask me this now?”

Lincoln didn’t answer. Seagulls flew by, making their strange squawks in an attempt to get fed. They stood side by side, no more land in sight, birds flying above them and a soft sea breeze ruffling their hair. It would be romantic if only - “Alex, the sex… it was all about the cabin, you know that right?”

So that’s what it was. Susan’s comments bugged Lincoln after all and now his son and brother knew. Was this damage control of some sort? Why the hell didn’t he cut Alex loose and break his promise? It would be so much easier for him.

“It was a place, Lincoln, not a prison. Things aren’t different out here.” Alex husked, not able to shake the images and the memories of their moments together.

Alex turned and let his hand close over Lincoln’s who was now gripping the railing. “Don’t... don’t” Lincoln whispered roughly as he looked at their joined hands.

Alex didn’t care. “What? Call it what it was? That you enjoy having sex with a guy?”

Lincoln let out a sound that sounded like laughter, but was too short to be called just that. “I don’t care about that, man, it’s good, but-” Lincoln stopped and finally dragged his eyes from their joined hands to Alex’s face.

Alex understood all too well. “It’s me-”

Lincoln cringed and looked somewhat disturbed. “Makes me sound like an asshole doesn’t it?”
Alex sighed and tried to smile. It felt bitter. “Maybe just a little. I get that things have happened, but what I did before doesn’t compare-”

Lincoln’s hand turned under Alex’s and two of their fingers laced together just like that. Alex’s breath hitched and Lincoln took that moment to interrupt him. “For what you did after? You saved my life more than once, helped with my son’s. Should be a good trade in for my father’s life…”

It always seemed to come to that, didn’t it? Alex looked away to the ocean again. If he didn’t have Cameron waiting he could, maybe he would- “Linc, it wasn’t just the cabin. I really enjoyed having sex with you and I wouldn’t mind more. I *wanted* to save you and I don’t want you to get hurt. However, I want my son back and I want to give him a life. The life he deserves. If your feelings or hang-ups get in the way of that well-”

Suddenly Lincoln coughed. It sounded painful. Lincoln coughed again and again and he didn’t stop. Within seconds, he was bending over and Alex was holding his side until the fit was over. “I’m sorry,” Lincoln wheezed.

Alex tightened his hold on him before he let go. “I killed your father. You saw me do it and that’s not going to change. He shot at me and I shot back. I was just the better shot. You need to deal with that before we set foot in Frisco,” Alex said softly, fighting the urge to comfort Lincoln who was still heaving. When no answer came forth it was Alex’s cue to leave.

He took three steps and realized he had no idea where he was going. Lincoln ground out, “second deck, past the offices, cabin A-34/8.” Alex nodded even though Lincoln probably wasn’t watching and left. He wondered if cargo ships served food. He hadn’t eaten since this morning and he started to feel it.


When he’d finally found the cabin, which turned out wasn’t on the second deck, but third, he felt his aching bones in every body part. There was one bed inside, barely big enough to hold two people, let alone three. He scoffed at the thought of LJ, Michael and Lincoln sharing one of these and was glad that Lincoln had some sense left.

He took off his shoes and his shirt and lay down. The mattress was softer, so much softer than what he had slept on for the past few weeks. More if you counted the hours in his car and on airplanes. It felt amazing; comfortable. He fell asleep in no time.


“Alex?” somebody shook his shoulder and the smell of soup drifted to his nostrils. He opened his eyes to Lincoln leaning over him. He involuntarily smiled. Lincoln smirked. “I’ve brought you some food. Come on.”

Alex sat up and noticed a big bowl of bean soup, bread and potatoes sitting next to him on the small table. Lincoln sat down in the only chair in the cabin, his knees still almost touching Alex’s for the cabin wasn’t exactly large. Besides the nice bed the cabin was a step down from their shed.

“It looks great Linc, where-”Alex wanted to ask, but stopped himself when he sounded too eager to his own ears. He grabbed the spoon and started on the soup.

Lincoln shrugged. “We’re not the only ones who need food. Chef was cooking for the crew and they had some extras for us. LJ and Michael ate downstairs. They’re off to bed now. We should be at our destination tomorrow around ten.”

Alex saw Lincoln’s eyes drift to Alex’s chest before shifting to the port window as Alex swallowed another deliciously peppered spoon full of soup. It was richly flavored; that chef knew how to cook. Then he noticed two spoons, knives and forks lying on the table. The amount of garlic bread and potatoes were pretty massive as well. “I’ll assume you told them you were eating with me?”

Lincoln ducked his head. “Yeah well-”

Alex dropped his spoon in the half-empty bowl. “Then why aren’t you eating?”

“I’m not really hungry, man.” Lincoln rubbed the back of his head, avoiding Alex’s stare like a guilty schoolboy.

Alex sighed. “Linc I get it that you aren’t very hungry with everything that has been going on and you’re not feeling well, but you need to eat. At least try the soup and some bread. Come on.” Alex pushed the bowl towards Lincoln, picked up the clean spoon and offered it to him. Lincoln took it from Alex, fingers touching Alex’s hand, eliciting a shiver. Alex really needed to clamp down on his libido. It wasn’t helpful that his body remembered Lincoln’s touches in a very improper manner.

As he went on to eat the potatoes with pieces of bread to go with it, he kept an eye on Lincoln who was dipping some bread in his soup and ate without enthusiasm. It only made Alex worry more.

They were done within ten minutes and Alex felt full and satisfied, rubbing his belly.

“You know,” Lincoln broke the silence, “I still owe you a blowjob.”

Alex thought he hadn’t heard right. “What?”

Lincoln stood up and took off his shirt, revealing his muscular chest in all its glory. ”When we fucked, I made a promise.” It sounded lewd and yet the remark went straight to Alex’s cock. “Come on,” Lincoln murmured as he pulled Alex up and worked on his trousers. Alex was too confused to do anything about it and then Lincoln was already fisting him up and down, trying to get his half-mast to a full-blown erection.

Alex tried to swallow a moan because Lincoln was succeeding and then Lincoln let himself fall on his knees, his face right in front of Alex’s groin. Their eyes locked and Lincoln winked, opened his mouth and closed his lips around Alex’s fevered flesh.

Lincoln’s hands went up to Alex’s hips, then his ass, gripping him tightly and forcing him down Lincoln’s throat. For a moment Alex couldn’t help but see that Fox River 8 picture superimpose itself over Lincoln’s face. He never could have imagined; God, this wasn’t in Burrow’s profile –

Lincoln leaned back, mouth letting go of Alex’s cock, his tongue darting out to lap up some pre-come. Their eyes kept up the contact and Lincoln’s left hand went to the base of Alex’s cock, his other going from his sack to between Alex’s legs. Alex shifted a bit to accommodate the probing fingers. “Linc-” he choked out as he moaned. Lincoln smiled and brought Alex’s cock to his lips again, swallowing him whole. Alex continued to heave and breathe deeply as he could feel and see Lincoln Burrows suck him hard and fast. He didn’t like the unexpected, but this was… God!

His hands went to Lincoln’s head and he pushed him closer to his groin. Lincoln went willingly, not trying to get out of anything. His lips touched Alex’s pubic hair and then two fingers went up Alex’s ass and Alex was starting to see stars. “If... if you don’t want to…to…oh-” Alex couldn’t finish, but let go of Lincoln’s head so he could pull back. He did, but he kept finger-fucking Alex and now used his other hand to take Alex over the edge.

The sight of Lincoln Burrows kneeling in front of him, lips swollen and his hands touching Alex so thoroughly got Alex to the finish. His eyes almost rolled back in his head, but he could control that urge right at the last minute. He came hard and all over Lincoln’s chest. He didn’t know if Lincoln had had that in mind, but he only glanced at it once, not showing any displeasure about it.

Alex fell back on the bed, totally spent and Lincoln rose to his feet. He picked up a used towel to dry himself off and Alex watched him with hooded eyes. He was drowsy and felt good. Lincoln grabbed a glass of water, took a few sips and then leaned over to Alex, covering him, kissing him as thoroughly on the mouth as he had just done his cock. Alex was sold all over again and even though he knew he should scream, push Lincoln off and run away, he didn’t.

“Linc, do you want-” he didn’t finish the sentence, because when his hand found Lincoln’s crotch he found no sign of an erection at all. “Lincoln-” Alex was worried now. Hadn’t this excited him at all? What was it, some way to pay Alex back? That got his blood pumping in a bad way.

Lincoln rested his forehead against Alex’s and closed his eyes. “I’m just tired I guess. I don’t know, that never happened to me before.” It was the voice of a man who truly was tired, even if he used a clichéd sentence. Alex let his rush of anger go and pulled Lincoln down beside him, changing their positions in no time.

“You need sleep. You’re not well, you shouldn’t have-” ‘Blown me’, he wanted to say, but still, he couldn’t deny that he was very pleased that Lincoln had.

Lincoln smiled a tired smile. “Nah, it was good. You’re pretty hot when you’re losing it you know that?” A yawn came right after that and Alex’s feelings of discomfort were put to rest.

“Yeah?” he asked, secretly happy at Lincoln’s words, but worried that Lincoln showed no discomfort about not being able to get it up. It confused him a little.

Lincoln nodded, eyes drooping. “Yeah.”

Alex got his brain to work and shifted so that he could get Lincoln out of his pants before he slept, leaving him only in his boxers. He got rid of his own within a minute and crawled back into the bed. It was strange that he didn’t have to kneel down to get into it; he was so used to the bloody mattress in the shed. He smiled to himself and pulled Lincoln to his chest, his hand caressing his back of its own accord.

Lincoln let out a soft cough before he murmured; “this is nice” and Alex pulled the sheet over them both. A snore followed his words about five minutes later.