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Summary: What do you do when you love someone yet all is not well in the bedroom? This is one possible solution.
Rated: NC-17
Categories: Post-Escape Characters: Jane Phillips, Lincoln Burrows, Michael Scofield, Michael Scofield Jr, Sara Tancredi
Genres: Romance
Pairing: Lincoln and Jane, Michael and Sara
Warnings: Sexual Situations
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 1351 Read: 1682
Published: June 07, 2011 Updated: June 07, 2011
Story Notes:
Sorry if this makes Michael/Sara fans head for the hills.

1. Chapter 1 by foxriverinmate [ - ] (1351 words)
This is the first fic I've written in a long time and I apologise for the somewhat strange topic. Sometimes you have to accept inspiration from an unlikely source! The best category that I can put this in is romance...but you might want to make up your own mind about that. I've given it a NC-17 rating for the adult issues it deals with. There's certainly no gratuitous smut though.

Many thanks to my very good friend clair_de_lune for her help and encouragement these past few months, for the beta - and for naming the fic! I am incredibly indebted. :)

This is very much non-epilogue compliant - a wonderful phrase cleverly invented by the wonderful msgenevieve.