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Author's Chapter Notes:
Kind of a prelude to the tabruzzi smut for this series, because I didnt want to jump right into it. enjoy! C:
T-Bag dropped his backpack on the floor and draped himself on the bed languorously, staring up at Abruzzi with half-lidded eyes.

"So, Johnny Boy, what now?" He drawled. John glanced down at him, before rubbing a hand over his face and walking past Theodore to stand at the window. After several minutes of heavy silence, the mobster turned around, towering over T-Bag authoritatively.

"Rule One; you are not to touch any of my stuff." Abruzzi growled. "Rule Two; I am an extremely light sleeper, and if you even think about doing anything, I'll know. Are we clear, Theodore?"

The Alabamian's tongue crept up between his lips. "One thing, boss."

"What?" Abruzzi snapped.

T-Bag grinned crookedly. "How d'ya expect a man of my... disposition ta not be able ta touch when he sees somethin' he wants?" Snarling, Abruzzi grabbed the murderer by the throat and slammed him up against the wall, shoving his face an inch away from T-Bag's and squeezing his neck until he was gasping for breath.

"I am in control here, not you!" John hissed, shaking the shorter man by the collar like a dog before jerking back and stalking to the other side of the room.

"I ain't sayin' nothin' about control, Johnny Boy. Yer more than welcome to tha' if ya want it." T-Bag said, his Southern accent dripping with lust and a hint of invitation.
Abruzzi turned back to him, and in a flash, had him slammed back up against the wall again. But this time, the Sicilian's large hands weren't at T-Bag's throat but at his waist, pressing the rapist's thin hips back into the wall as Abruzzi bit the side of his neck and sucked, drawing out a long groan from the Alabamian, who in turn was fisting John's shirt and thrashing his head from side to side in wanting.

"Oooh, Johnny Boy, I jus' knew there was more to you than meets the eye." He panted. Abruzzi lifted his head for a moment to snarl, "Shut up, Theodore."

"Sure thang, boss." T-Bag's breath hitched as the mobster's hands moved from his hips to his belt, fingers fumbling to get it off. "I was just thinking..." He trailed off as his jeans slipped down over his hips.

"Yes?" Abruzzi prompted, eager to cut the talking and get to the consummating.

Theodore turned his head to look into John's eyes, his tongue once more flicking out between his teeth, a devilish glint flashing in his eyes as he responded.
"Maybe you should hang tha sheet, y'know, for old time's sakes?"

T-Bag chuckled vivaciously even as Abruzzi smacked him upside the head.

"Theodore, Theodore, Theodore, when will you learn?" John murmured grimly before turning and leaving the room. T-Bag stared after him, pants on the ground and a dark red hickey forming on his neck.

"Well, damn," the pedophile muttered as he pulled up his jeans and redid his belt, "Mr. Mafia Man has more game than I thought."
Chapter End Notes:
Hope y'all enjoyed that XD Reviews are always appreciated and I take ideas and critizism and all that C: cheers!