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Story Notes:
Probably my favorite story I've written for Prison Break :3 Part of the Cramped Quarters Series. Enjoy!
Author's Chapter Notes:
Hope this doesn't drag on too long :S
Six men and two teenage boys living together could sometimes get complicated. Especially considering who the eight males were. As one would probably imagine, there were many fights.

The first and foremost being the repetitive argument over the couch.

Six men and two teenagers, one medium sized couch, one armchair, and one TV made for a very unhappy living room. For example, Tweener always wanted to watch cartoons on Sunday morning, but John Abruzzi insisted that he needed the mornings in the living room to do his self bible/praying service. This led to Tweener being held against a wall with a knife at his throat more than once, with Abruzzi insisting that God would forgive him for killing the pest who dared to interrupt his holy time.

Another constant battle was that of C-Note and T-Bag on Tuesday nights. At 8 o'clock, both "CSI" and "Just For Laughs" were on. Theodore insisted that CSI was for pussies and idiots who got a thrill out of watching from the sidelines, which provoked C-Note to snapping at him that the murderer only watched Just For Laughs because he couldn't come up with anything funny on his own. How funny would it be when his nigger blood was spilled out onto the carpet? T-Bag would shoot back, and so on and so forth until they were scrapping it out on the floor and LJ would come and steal the remote and flip to Discovery Channel. Eventually, Lincoln would come and split them up because they were "fighting too close to his son".

But most of all, they argued over who would sit where on the couch after dinner.

This always ended up being the most crowded time of day in the living room, because everyone liked to watch TV for an hour or so after eating to let their food digest and to relax before heading out to do something else.
Of course, everyone wanted the seat in the middle of the couch, directly in front of the TV. Unfortunately, eight men could not all fit on one spot, much less one couch. For the first two weeks, the figurative food chain was established, and it topped out evenly for almost everyone.

Abruzzi took the right side of the couch, so he could lean against the arm and watch everyone from one spot, without having to turn his head and lose sight of someone.

T-Bag sat with his back against John's legs, at his feet (much like a dog, C-Note never failed to point out). But the murderer didn't mind, because every night at one point or another, the Sicilian's fingers would weave themselves into Theodore's hair, and then move down to his neck, rubbing the stiff spot out with slow and neverending patience, and making the uncomfortable spot on the floor seem very worthwhile.

LJ sat on the left side of the couch, because he had whined the first night when he got delegated to the floor and Lincoln had ordered that he be allowed to sit on the couch, and no one went against Linc the Sink unless they had an impending death wish.

Lincoln sat in the middle, so he could keep everyone seperated (and by everyone, he meant T-Bag and LJ) and could break up any fights easily and wouldn't hesitate to do so.

Sucre layed down on the carpet with a pillow under his head because there was no couch space left unless he wanted to cuddle with Sink, and he'd be damned if he let that happen. Besides, he liked having the room to stretch out while everyone else was squished up.

Michael curled up in the armchair with a book most nights. He had a funny habit of draping himself over seats in the most awkward and uncomfortable (and provocative, according to T-Bag) ways possible, so it was decided that he could have his own spot so he didn't bother anyone else. And this way, he could see the TV if he wanted, or choose not to without having to miss out on all the lovely conversations that went on during the commercial breaks, such as how nice that chick's rack was, but hold on a minute, did you see the ass on tha' boy? oh shut up, you pedophile, my son is listening, etc etc.

Tweener, who talked throughout the entire program but was silent during the breaks, was forced to pull one of the dining room table chairs into the living room and sit at the far end if he wanted to watch. He was the lowest in the pecking order, coming below T-Bag only because Abruzzi watched over the rapist, and it was Abruzzi's house. Also, he never shut up.

C-Note was the only one who didn't join in what came to be known as Family Time, a running joke with Lincoln and Sucre that they put the fun in dysfunctional family. The former militial man disappeared out the back door after dinner and came back only when everyone else had dissipated to their own activities.

Although order was established, it was very fragile. Most nights, someone would end up arguing with another anyways. And there was always the age old arguement that popped up in every family, "What are we going to watch?"

Finally, after night after night of bickering and barely any actual TV watching, Michael came up with a schedule. Everyone got what they wanted to a degree.

Abruzzi could have his prayer time for half the morning, but had to give up the living room to the teenage boys at 10 am.

The earliest the TV could be on was 6 am and it had to be off by midnight.

T-Bag and C-Note could watch their shows at the same time, and flip back and forth on commercials.

Michael got full control of the remote on Mondays, but only when he was in the living room. (Which he used to watch How it's Made, much to everyone's dismay and boredom.)

At 6 o clock, every night, they watched the news.
Shark Week was the only time that the TV stayed on Discovery Channel the entire time.

If Lincoln wanted to watch porn, he would do it when the boys were in bed and only if he traded his room with C-Note and Sucre (who usually stayed anyways) for the night.

When no one was in the living room, the remote and couches were up for grabs.

And last but not least, if anyone so much as thought about turning on MTV, they would be shot.

It was crazy, and weird, and aggravated, but somehow, they made it work. Because they were one big happy, messed up, criminal, dysfunctional family.
Chapter End Notes:
Hope you liked C: please review if ya did :D cheers!