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Author's Chapter Notes:
I got the idea for this at 2 a.m and i just had to write it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Michael sat on the bed, his head on the headrest as he waited for Sara to come out. As Sara walked in from the bathroom in a strapped shirt, he looked at her with a wide smile, never getting used to how beautiful his wife is. He could see Sara blushing and looking down smiling; as she walked towards the bed trying unsuccessfully to hide her smile and blush.
"Tucked mike in yet?" She asked.

"Yeah he's asleep" Michael replied as Sara sat on the bed mimicking Michael’s position and grabbing her lotion. "He asked me to check the closet for monsters.... does he usually do that?" Michael asked smiling, feeling giddy at the small similarity between him and his son.

Sara smiled "Yeah, only when he's scared. Not very often though. It must be because of the thunder outside. Did you check?"

"Mmhmm" he replied as he saw Sara putting the lotion down, lying in bed next to him who had already lain down facing her.

"What did you tell him?" Sara asked a small smile on her lips, recounting the story that she had already told mike, knowing that’s what Michael must have told their son.

"What you've already told him." Michel answered Sara with a smile as they looked at each other with loving looks,

Fear is made of air not even that. Michael remembered the words he'd told Sara so long ago and heard even longer ago.

"But enough of that........" Michael said to Sara taking her hand in his, capturing her lips with ease.

He was soon on top of her both of them lost in each other’s touch, Sara’s hands were behind his neck while Michael cupped her face, his other hand keeping him up. He pulled away only to place light soft feathery kisses on Sara’s jaw, he could feel her smiling; running her hands up and down the back of his head, he leaned in again to kiss her, his hand had now reached the hem of Sara’s shirt he pulled away looking into her eyes asking for her consent, though he could see it clearly in her eyes, he still needed her answer. Sara nodded smiling as he leaned in again to kiss her, passion and love for Sara pulsing through him; his hand clenching her shirt ready to take it off while his lips and mind were lost in hers. He deepened the kiss sliding his tongue into her mouth not planning to let her go anytime soon when Sara’s phone rang from the bedside table. But Michael didn’t bulge Sara placed a hand on his hand gripping her shirt and pulled away with a soft kiss on his lips smiling.
"Sara, you can call back" Michael protested, Sara just smiled at him, finding his protest extremely cute for he seldom protested to her, always giving her whatever she asked for.
"It’s from work might be important" Sara answered him smiling, judging the caller from the lateness of the hour, placing a hand on his cheek she reached to attend the call.
Michael groaned lying flat on his back beside Sarah. Sarah was sitting up her feet touching the ground, talking to the caller still smiling at Michael’s cute useless protest.

"Hello……… Yes.... "

As Michael lay a little disappointed (but completely understanding) that his wife had chosen work over him he had nothing to do but stare at her, her face facing the wall Michael could only see her back. He saw her beautiful figure, her lovely auburn hair falling on her back and her shirt covering the scars he knew were there; she looked exactly as he remembered her. He sat there soaking in all details of the women he loved, when his eyes fell a little below her shoulder blade.
Michael saw a small origami swan tattooed on Sara’s back he sat up immediately, but slowly coming to the conclusion that he was seeing things, yet it looked so real. He didn't exactly know what to think of it, why had Sara gotten it? If it had hurt her terribly? Unable to wrap to his head around his new discovery, he inched closer to Sarah, stretching his hand out to touch her back to feel if he was seeing things or did Sara actually have a swan tattooed on her back.
Sara was oblivious to Michael staring at her; still talking on the phone.

"No, I don’t need to come in for it. You’re a resident Kathy, you can do it. Just give the injection, he’ll be fine. Just have a little faith, you can do......this" Sara spoke the last word with a quivering voice as she felt Michael run his thumb over what she knew lay there; her tattoo. Overcome by emotions she didn’t even hear what Kathy said and with a barely audible yeah, she put the phone down.

"Why did you get it?" Michael asked softly in a barely audible whisper, not being able to fathom a reason for Sarah to get a tattoo, of a crane, or not wanting to. He refused to believe that he had left a permanent mark on her.
“It reminded me of you, of your faith and hope” She answered, tears had started to form in her eyes. “It reminded me of us, of my obligation to you and it covered up that god-awful scar.” She laughed trying to make light of the situation.
Michael shook his head, “You have no obligations to me.” He believed everything he had was by the Sara’s virtue she wasn’t bound to him, she didn’t owe him anything but he…he owed her everything.
“I do……. I did” Michael placed his head on her shoulder wrapping his arms around her pulling her back towards himself such that her back touched his chest while she placed her hands over his.
“Did it hurt?” Michael asked wanting to turn the conversation away from his death, refusing to cause any more pain than he had already.
“I’d been through worse by then.” Sara replied lightly. Michael closed his eyes at her response burying his face in her hair realizing the scale of pain he had caused her. He had thought her dead for a few weeks too and he had hated it but Sarah had to do it for 7 years, he could imagine a small part of her pain.
Sara started thinking about the 7 years she had spent without Michael, the tears, the nightmares, the guilt of leaving him at the prison, the sorrow of her son not knowing his father. She remembered looking at it and talking to mike “Everything’s goanna be alright. Your dad promised.” Assuring herself more than her unborn son. Before she knew it, a tear fell down her cheek falling on Michael’s arm. Michael opened his eyes realizing Sara was crying
“Hey hey hey hey…….” he softly called her towards him placing his hand on her cheek using gentle force to make her look at him.
“Please don’t be mad. I needed something to remind me that it was going to be okay. To remind me of you.” Sara explained herself, capturing Michael’s hand and kissing it.
“Sarah, I’m not mad. I just…………” Michael spoke softly cupping her face wiping her tears away. “I’m sorry…...God I’m so sorry” he spoke after a while placing his forehead against his.”Its just now I’ve left a permanent mark on you.”
Sara could see Michael’s grief, she hated the fact that he had to apologize while he did nothing wrong. “You always had a permanent mark on me, besides this was my choice.”
She placed a soft kiss on his lips and pulled away, Michael opened his eyes.
“I love you.” Sara assured him
He smiled and leaned in to kiss her. His words couldn’t explain how much he loved her but he resolved there and then that despite everything he would tell her every day. “I love you too” he sighed pulling away. He held her close to him; they stayed like that a while. Sara leaned back into him, placing her head on his shoulder, both of them engulfed by the other’s presence.

It was late at night, it was raining outside, the rain drops falling softly on the window. Michael lay in bed awake with a sleeping Sara in his arms. Sara’s back touched Michael’s chest as she lay in his arms, Michael lay awake thinking about Sara’s tattoo running his hand over it again and again, as if studying it, trying to memorize it; every line, every curve. When he’d seen it till he could draw it from memory Michael placed a soft kiss over it, feeling different about it then when he had discovered it, his heart was full of love for Sara, she had gotten a tattoo just to keep him alive. He hovered his lips near Sara’s ear, as if to say something but not finding the right words, failing; kissing her temple instead, he lay back down kissing the back of her head. Sara stirred and turned to look at him smiling, she still looked beautiful to Michael, even in the middle of the night when she was sleeping, she gently placed her hand on the side of his face caressing his cheek.
“I’m sorry I woke you up.” He whispers quietly to her.
“I like waking up next to you.” Sara replied with a ghost of a smile.
He draped his arm around her and within minutes with smiles on their faces the Scofield’s were sound asleep.