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I write to understand. That's why I write so queer stories :) - they answer my question.

All of my fanfiction can be found on, where I post under the same nickname.

I am Czech. English is my favourite foreign language. I stress foreign, that means that there are going to be mistakes in my stories, in spelling, vocabulary and sometimes late in the night I make up new words because I'm too lazy to get a dictionary. I appreciate being corrected; I hate mistakes, especially since they can be mended. Forgive me for writing British English in an American fandom; I don't know all the differences and particularities and I prefer using a worse-fitting tool correctly to completely misusing a perfectly-fitting tool.

I like riddles and hinting in stories. I don't mind explaining. I'm almost never serious.

I have a terrible temper and you really don't want to know me. After seeing how this bio looks, I admit I write too much! ;)

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